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of an hour Commenced 1/2 past Twelve there was a heavy fall of rain say for about a half hour We needed it verry much it will help our vegitibel particular our Irish potatoes

Wed 29 This morning was warm looking a little cloudy Are mooving from S. W. We howed & hilled up our Irish potatoes finished Potatoes them beore 12 oclock they were 3 1/2 hours doing it (& all got there dinner) at 12 oclock there was Preston ["Preston" denoted with "1" identifier underneath, & "Calvin" denoted with "2" identifier underneath] & Calvin, George Hargrove, Jack Patton , Charley, Richard, Tom McCanless & John. [above line has numerical identifiers underneath: "Hargrove" = "3", "Jack Patton" = "4", "Charley" = "5", "Richard" = "6", "Tom McCanless" = "7", & "John" = "8" All charge upon his act. See accounts, & John has gon to hel Jackd howe his cotton.

Th 30 This mornin is wet & raining, rained all night verry heavy rain. Mary ann Mary an Came last night & stayed all night She has been quite unwell the better She left for home at 10 oclock it had quit raining before she left. The dore of the chicken coop was left Chickens caught) open last night & the Varmints caught 3 of the oldest chickens left 3 the last of 12 The varmints came next night & took the ballance, all gone.

Fr 31 The morning is clear & all hands trying to do something We got Meal a bag of Meal 2 1/2 bushels Neelys Mill it is verry good William Coffee brought home Coffee (the Javey)

1867 The morning is a little cool Wind is from the E. George went June Sat 1 this morning to G A Pillows again after the owe & lamb Pillow Pillow came here yesterday & told me to sent & get it that it was at

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-38[Left: Sheep Rain Hudspeth] his house George went & did not get it said they could not kitch it Come back at nine oclock This is the 2d trip with the wagon he has went after it I can think what I please about it. There was but little done today raiend verry hard at sundown Mr Hudspeth went home (Town) through a heavy rain I loned him my blanket. -------------------- [Left: Sun 2 Rain] The morning has been a little cool The wind from West It has been rained nearly all night The ground is verry wet too much rain. The variants are kitching what few chickens, caught the young Game hen last night & killed her. I with the renters signed the articles of agreement, each one keeping a copy &I retaining one copy [Left: Mags Mare] Mags mare has kicked ball mule & lamed her -------------------- [Left: Mon 3 Hudspeth Work] The morning is quite clear calm & warm Mr Hudspeth was here today All hands are working at there Crop Jack Patton has hired hand to help him gives $15 pr month & plowing 2 horses -------------------- [Left: Tu 4 Town Self Akins Larkins] The morning is clear & warm I went to Town rode black Mare the first time in a long time. I give my note to Akin & Larkin for $50.62 the ballence of my last year Act. I took a recept for the same. I got some Magnecia & Paragorric & Soda all cost $1.50 [Left: Self Sell land] I was trying to sell my Cedar land to Timmons probably have effected the trade We meet again next Monday I saw Thomas &

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Fanna is Town did not have a chance to talk but little to Rain them It rained a little while I was in Town

1867 The morning is clear calm & warm. I had the cramp in my feet June Wed 5 & egs verry bad through the night. All hands now seems to be Self at work Bell Mule seems to be better of her lameness plowed yesterday

Margrut Mag went to Town Sent the black Mare back by Lorra did not John git home at night John worked for Jack from dinner util night Self Jack is to pay the work back. John eats at home. I have been quite weekly & some down spirrited, not well all day.

Th 6 The morning is clear the wind is from the S. E. & verry pretty Richd weather Richard rode the black Mare early this moring to Town Puss blacksmith shop to get his plow done up. Puss went to Town Jno after dinner rode the black Mare John is working with Jack Self ) today. I took off my flannel Drawers today. Rone ) Rone was here today wants to buy Corn. Margaret did not git Mag home last night William got 2 shirts 1 pair pants &c a cote Jno ) Clothes ) & the making for John cost $5.10 — 2 shirts 1 pr paints 1 cote cost ) & making Cloth cost 3.60 Making — — 1.50 $5.10

Fri 7 The Morning is clear calm & a little cool William took his William ) broken shoulder horse to Town to A Harrison (John & George Stud ) Harrison ) took him) Mag has not got home yet She is at Jacks (She got Mag home at night)

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- 40-

Jno Court.

John helpt Press & George today I have stayed at the house & entirely alone since last Tuesday except when Wm comes hom of a night & he has nothing to say about any thing & I have to fource upon his attention every thing I say to him & he sildom answer me The Circuit Court has adjored at last. ----------------------- Sat 8 Rankin

The morning is a little cool Wind or air from the E but quite calm I was quite unwell all night dificulty of breathen chocink & swetted all night, but no one knew it but my self I must & will if I live ----------- I rode out to the Mill & looked over the farm I found Mr Rankin at the Mill he has taken cold & can not hear but little looks bad ------------------------ 1867 June Sun 9 Hudspeth

Sorrel ) colt lame )

black Mare

Jerry ) Smith )

The morning is clear & calm & quite warm Mr Hudspeth was here today The sorrel Colt Jack is working is verry lame in his shoulder got it done yesterday some way With rest he will soon recover. The black Mare is looking bad has fallen off Mags little Mare had a Colt last night the horses killed it Jerry Smith was in Town & left for home, he sent for me to come in I did not go being unwell he lives in Indianna I would like to have seen him. --------------------------------- Mon 10 Self

The morning is clear calm & warm All hands are working tolerable ( well, there Crops mostly Corn is in tolerable order. ) I have ( been better, rested verry well last night I am troubled occasionally with a stick or pain in my breast it seems about my

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-41hart it is worse at times & other times I can scarsly feel it I am better this morning My apitite is good I have eat nothing for more than 2 weeks only a bread & milk diet & Medicine vigitables I have taken but little medasine only Bulls Sarsparalla & Magesia. I have not fallen off but verry little the verry weak & feable at times & at other times I can git Disease about much better, for an hour or two every day I have a head ake, some times it is verry severe then goes off some times it is verry light I ride my little black poney across the plantation every day or two when I feel like it. I think it helps me I stay mostly at the house, been to Town only once or twist in 2 or 3 months neither have I went any where else better I think I will get better as the summer comes on I feel much better this evening than usual I still hope for the better John & our tother fellows are cleaning out the garden We will have vigatables plenty after a while Georg Hargroves sent me a good mess of Snap beans yesterday the 1s we have

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