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1871 ) The morning is clear Some wind cool N. W.
April (
Mon 3 ) I have been verry costive for several days & took two Brandith

pills this morning they have opperated on me verry much, more

than common. I eat my dinner I feel better

Billa & Warren is plowing in Billa's part of the Ground

3 Warren ( George & Felix is cutting stalks before the plows
Billa )
Billa is plowing Riley & the black horse Warren is plowing

bell & the filla, beding up Billa ground
Tues 4 ) The morning is clear calm little cool. N. E.

I feel better this morning My nearves is very unsteady &

trimbling little Leroy stayed with us last night he done

verry well Thomas came this morning & William & Leroy went

back with him We give Leroy a little a very little light

coloured yallow pullet to carry home with him he was much

pleased with it

Our Meal is out & George is plowing in Warren's place for him

to go to Mill him, Clary & Felix is shelling Corn by hand up

Meal ( in the Crib rather than carry it out to the sheller they will
2 1/2 bushels )
shell about 2 1/2 bushels & will take it to Willbanks Mill The
See Thur (
the 23d ) last Meal we got Ground at the Ashton Vaughn Mills on Th 23
2 1/2 bushels (
It lasted ) March We got then 2 1/2 bushels it lasted only 12 days rather
12 days (
4 Warren is ) heavy feeding for 6 of us 2 Gallons a day.
working for (
Billa ) Warren is plowing double horse Billa is plowing also double

horse (for Billa in his Corn Ground)

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