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of his wages, $4.00, which I have let him have today.

Self ) My nearves is some studyer than they have been for several days

tho tolerably bad off yet I am forced to take pills every day

Puss ) ( or be bad off. ---
Clary ($6.00)
Felix ) (Puss, Clary & Felix got $6.00 Clary a cote for Jane Mitey

Felix a pair of shoes & Puss the ballence of $6.00
Sun 9 ) The morning is more calm Verry cloudy & warm

A young man Mr. Christopher came & spent the night with us,

he lives with his father in the Mt. Pleasant country.

My General health is about like it has been for a long time

some times better & other times quite bad off. Clary is

Clary ) complaining of a sore throat & not well
Mon 10 ) The morning is mostly clear & warm W.

The Wind occasionally Blows verry cold from the West the are

is warm when the wind dies The Wind tolerable high.

Puss ( Billa & George is helping Warren preparing to plant Irish
Billa )
George ( potatoes (the Russet) in the Garden Puss is cutting the
Clary )
Potatoes ( potatoes Clary is sick, sore throat & unwell, gave her some

warm tea, covered her up in bead gave her a good sweat at

night She is better

The Russet ( We run off our potato Rows 2 furrows throwed it out deep
Potgatoes )
planting ( dropt all our seed commenced putting on the manure We did
not done )
not git done manuring or covering them

It is commencing rain at night It has been hard & constant

Winds all day from S. & S. E. & S. & S. W. & thunder

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