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Volume 1: 1836-1843 and 1861-1864

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1744 PORTER 1940

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Reese Porter - 1744 - 1821 m Jeane Brown in England Soldier of the American Revolution - Settled in North Carolina Joseph - 1770 John - 1773 Reese - 1776 - 18 James B. 1779 David 1782 Elias 17[8?]3 - 18 Thomas C - 1787

William - 1769 - 1848 m. Jane Bradshaw - - 1826 migrated to Tennessee in 1808 to take up grant given Reese for services in Revolution Reese - 1794 - m. Mary Thomas John - 1788 n. Patsy Roberts - 12 children Huan - 1796 - m. Rachel Roberts Jane B. 1800 - m. Thos. C. Crawford

Soldier of War of 1812 ) ) Nimrod - 1792 - 1872 m. Dille Hamon - Inherited, by primo geniture, the grant of land. Kept a diary during Civil War. Estate laid waste by both armies Mary Anne - 1818 - 1868 m. William Webster Bradshaw Willie [??] [18??] - 1887 Nimrod Hamon - 1821 - 18[??] Mart[??] Jane - 1827 - Thomas LeRoy - 1834 - 1929 m. Fannie Webster Inherited landed estate, only son with heirs

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Volume 2: 1834-1843 and 1864-1867

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Th 16th March 1865

Webb Wilks agrees to work at $10.00 per month he finding March 9 Apl 14 his own cloathes making up all loss time & pays his Doctors May 24 June 17 bills have his bord found him & commences to day (his July 11 Augt 7 Master agrees to his hire) Webb is not to quit until the Sept 10 Oct 8 end ot the year, if he goes away he looses the time he may Nov 8 Dec 10 have worked

No D.109 May 13 Cr ----- Cash $5.00 ) Worked in all 109 days at 36 2/3 June 17 Cash 5.00 ) Cents pr day 36 2/3 Augt 26 " 2.00 ) 654 Decr 15 " Cash 2.00 ) 327 14.00 ) 72 2/3 1867 Recd Jany 13 $8.50 ) $39.96 2/3 in full of the above act ) Credits 14.00 of his work his mark $25.96 Webbs --- Webb X Wilkes 17.50 Test by his father $ 8.46 Brad W, Porter 1866 Paid Jany 17 1867 June 22 to 10 Tubs of Corn at $1.00 pr bushel) Tub holds 1 3/4 bushels) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $33 1/3 Cents per day Mon 29th March 1865

Rich Trotter commenced work at $10.00 per month according to

Contract expressed on 1st page -------------- 1865 paid Apl 8 $1.00 (June 10 Rich got to pay for Ocks ) " " May 6 5.00 (bonnet, he paid this to Ock & ) " "by ???? 13 .50 (should not be charge with it It is) Cash May 29 1.50 (charged to Ock ) 5 yds of Osen-) 4.00 Cr Sat 15 July Cash $1.00 burg at 80 cts ) 1.00 Cr 29 July 2.60 pr yd & made ) 1.00 Cr Augt 4 With 4.00 shirt & pants ) 1.00 " " 26 " 1.00 Cash July 23 Sept 14 Cash 1.00 Cash Nov 10 $1.20 Oct 14 Do 1.00 " " 27 2.00 Oct 22 Do 1.00 Cash Decr 15 5.00 Novr 27 Do 2.00

[The following words were typed sideways in the left margin] Settled & cosed See Act Book

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for home We got along verry well until near Lynville there we were stopt by the Cars going South having run off & smashed up & our Cars were not able to get past them in the rode We were detained there until near sun down at which time we got past & got to Columbia near dark. I got a Bugga & driver of H Mayes & came home much tired & broke down & in the night.

The authorities at Pulaskie treated us kindly had a full history of me & my character & we got all our business fixed up much better that we expected when we left home.

1865 Augt Sun 13 ) I stayed home all day much fatiged Clopton & Booker came stayed a while Ezekel Bennet came last night, & Parham Smith came in the evening and stayed all night & has agreed to stay with me until William & Mag get home.

Mon 14 Wm & Mag Lawrence Cy ) William & Mag left this morning for Lawrence County in the Buga, they are not expected back for several days. P Smith went to Town & sent Aleck with the little black Mule to git shod & my Bugy to get mended in Town & I am staying at home Aleck got the Mule shod & my Buga mended at the Easter Shop, Smith came back at night

Tues 15 Ths L I went to Town I found Thos L had sold out to Jeff Alexander & gone yesterday to the barrens with others (Summer Town) There is but little news every thing looks dull. Mays $4.00 I paid H Mays paid $3.00 & Elijah $1.00 for driving me home Saturday

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Smith P. } night. Simth stayed all day I came home before night, nothing doing Wed 16 } I stayed at home bad cold. Wash & Monk is mooving there Wash } house to South of the Spring No news looks a little like rain Smith } Smith P. went to Town came back at night It seems that the Negroes } Negroes are determined to take all our Corn out of the fields to feed there horses & rosting ears to sell in Town We are trouble verry much with the stock in our fields. (Bad Cold) Th 17 } It is dark & cloudy & turned much colder the Wind is from Cold } the North looks like rain this morning. Smith P. went to Town Rockaway Mare ) this morning I haltered & tighed Rockaway Mares head down to keep her from Jumping & turned her out with on her Colt is remarkable fine a bay filly none better. Nothing doing Richard } Rich is trying to keep the stock out of the field Our little Game Cock ) red game ruster was taken to day I was verry unwell & had lay down to rest I heard them when they got him but could not see who done it 1865 Augt ) The weather is quite Cool cleared off & no rain My Cold Fri 18th ) has broke & I think I am getting better I have been quite unwell for several days ever since last Sunday, & am in feelings not much better P. Smith is staying with me of nights goes to Town of days (Nothing doing) The blacks are all well that is here William

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Negores ) and Mag has not returned yet they left last Monday I Wm & Mag still gone ) drove the little black Mule again this evening to Town & back, I think the last time I will do so tho I have though so before. I was unwell & it hurt me a good deal, there was no particular news. The crops are burning up for the want [Left margin: pointing hand] of rain it is predicted it will rain on Monday the 21 Andrews / Welsh ) The investating Comitty upon Wm J Andrews & Frank Welshs case arose got through there labours & gone back to Nashville Court of enquiry) to report, it is not known there decission. They set & took evidence with closed doores none permitted present but themselves & the Witness upon examination. There was no witness examind for Andrews & Welsh but several others for the prosecution Amongst them was the well known & renouned Jim Beard, Jum Grigery & others of that stripe Arnell & Bernon Frierson standing behind the screen stearing the derection the Witnesses were to take. Sat 19 } [Left margin horizonally: See Mon 21 paid] I send early this morning to Wm P Gants & got 307 lbs of Bacon $61.40 ) Bacon (sides) at $20 Cents pr lb. Amt $61.40 Cents This is Wm Gant ) Allis Youngs Meat I am to pay for it upon sught (paid) before night (10 Midlings) Wm & Mag } William & Mag got home in the evening from Lawrence (I have N. Vaughn } stayed at home all day Verry bad cold) Newton Vaughn came to see me to git me to go back to Pulaskie upon his matters

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with Dr Akins. If I am well enough I will go on tuesday. It seems that the stock Cattle & horses are determined Stock } to destroy the Crops 1865 Augt ) The weather is extremely dry but verry poor Crops will Sun 20 ) be made in this neighbourhood The Cotton is looking better than the Corn if rain is not had in a few days we will raise but little to eat for the next year. My Cold is breaking & Self } I think I will mend shortly tho I am bad off yet.(prophesying Steal chickens ) it will rain tomorrow) It appears the blacks will steal all Corn ) our chickens & we have not been able to ketch them at it they are taking our Corn until we cant have much left Mon 21st } I went to Town paid Wm P Gant for the Bacon I got Saturday paid Wm P Gant / See Sat 19 ) 307 lbs at 20 Cts per lb $61.40 Cents. Maryann was in Town I started some hands to cutting out the stalks of Corn that hands Working } had no ears on them & shocking them up in the field. Web, Work } Richard, Plim West (& a boy Andrew at 50 Cents per day) the others goes on at the same price they have been working at heretofore Tu 22 } The boys cut Corn until dinner It rained at 2 oclock a shower Just enough to keep the hands from going to work the ballence Work } of the evening I stayed at home got now news. I was not so Work } well all day The rain was not sufficient to do any good in the Crops Same hands at work as was yesterday

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Threats &c / See Mon 31 ) have been threatening to have this done for some time they have by there speaches & by there prophesying it would be done & by there reporting to the authorities things that never did happen until the authorities are dissatisfyed & excited with the people & Citisens of Columbia & the pople of the County Generally The truth is the friends of Mr Arneld was determined to Elect him to Congress, threatened if it was not done a Negro rule would be the result, at this post. Mr. Arnell failed the Conservatives carried the County by over 200 & Elected Thomas to Congress Reporters dissatisyed ) in this district The [underlined]Reporters have been beaten & they are with the people ) now reaking Vengence for it against the people These reporters have been carrying on a secret Malicious Lying course towards the pople of this County for a long time Acasioning this bad feelings with the authorities both here & at Nashville agt the people of this County as I think verry unnessary, say the least of it. The Authorities both here & at Nashville are not so much to blame they have these reporters employed & of Course are bound to believe them hence the condition of affairs at this time & has been for some time These reporters must make the reports or there Services would not be wanting 1865 Augt / Sun 27 } I see many Negroes passing to Columbia verry considerable

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excitement meeting the Negro regt & soldiers in Columbia. It looks verry much like all our Corn will be gathered out of the field by the Negroes No help for it that I can see. Things are getting along verry poorely Nothing doing except stealing. Mon 28 } This is 1st day of the Circut Court & a greate many people Circut Cort ) in Town Court was called Judge J. C. Walker presiding The Grand Jury was panneled the petit Jury dismissed until next Monday Tue 29 } I was in Town got up a pitteon to Genl Thomas to order M. Vaughn } the case of Newton Vaughn changed from the Military to the Civil Courts to be tryed. Wed 30 } I have agreed to go with N.Vaughn to Nashville this morning Nashville } to prevail upon Genl Thomas to intercede in his behalf to change his tryal from the Military to the Civil I got to See remarks / Sun 4 ) Nashville at 5 in the evening put up at the St Clouds house George F. Case proprietor The fair was good the eatables verry fine & splendid & the beads & all was verry fine We Th 31st } stayed Wed night, had supper Breakfast dinner & supper Th June } 31st Augt & Breakfast Friday 1st Sept & paid $8.00 that is $4.00 per day. Fr 1st / Rain } I came home Friday 2d got Wet at the Depot in Columbia June / Sat 2d } It commenced rain this morning & is raining a good rain at

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1865 The morning a little cool for the time of year, Wind from March the east the tolerable calm. All hands are prepairing to go Mon 27 to work & in a fine [-----?].

Richard Tretter reported himself for work this morning says Trotter his Mistress is dead & told him to do the best he could & not leave the County but to hire himself out the best he could, I

fighting went to town News that there are considerable fighting in in N. C. N.C. Many killed on all sides, Some attempts to negotiate a

Europe place but done nothing Some overtures are making with France Europe & France to bring about a settlement of our dificulties by recongniation &c Stolen We hear of many horses being stolen in a few nights, J. S. horses Harris B Harler & many others lost there horses The hands

Work Cotton worked to day tolerable well beding up cotton ground fixing Ground the plows cutting stalks as Thomas L, has taken his groceries

Thomas L. into the News Depo (Engle's house) every article has falen in Cincinatta since he purchased (I fear the result) I think he Went to Tom will sell very fast at some price, I went to town Saul was pressed & caused some trouble he rode Thos L's Horse home & Thos stayed in Town all night Tu 28 It has sprinkled rain throught the night & raining slowly this morning Cloudy & warn wind in the east, I went to Town

Some fighting in Some fighting in N. C. No other particular news, We finished

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Corn planting long field 2 Langley / Buggy Bennet are planting in the long field & beding up in the same Two Mr Langley came & stayed all night Williams Bugga is broke & left at Mr Dawsons near Mt Pleasant by Esekial Bennett it has been there ever since the 15th March last taken there broke & left by E Bennet I did not go to Town to day Wether quite warm.

Wed 5. / Capt Rice / Comisary / Thos L. It is quite warm finished my Buggy and went to Town about 12 oclock. Considerable excitement about Capt Rice having left they were hunting for him every way & very angry I think they will kill him if they find him. The Comisary has a disposition to quarrel with me again to day. Thos L. came home with me it rained verry hard during the night some thunder & Lightening

1865 Th 6th March / Wills & Hamon / Stud Colt It is raining the wind is high appearances of another Fresh. The hands was planting Corn in the long field yesterday. I went to Town with Thomas and got home at 12 oclock Rice the prisoner got away yesterday & they did not find him Willa & Hamon came & went home again took the 2 year old Comodore with them It rained verry hard the hnads done nothing to day.

Fri 7th I went to Town Thos gone to Websters hired Wilkins as Clerk John Quarles sick for sever days hands still trying to work

Sat 8th / Cotton seed / Corn & wheat It has turned cool some frost Will Henry & Guin went to Maryanns got 2 lods of Cotton seed & 10 bush of wheat Mat & Wash went to Mr Kinser & got 15 bushels of Corn (Yellow good)

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