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Volume 2: 1834-1843 and 1864-1867


110 taken very well by the more Conservative portion of the people The radicals cant stomick it & the reporters are from every appearance much cressefallen & much dishartened There Negro soldiers are some what cresse fallen too from appearance. Sun 17 William & Mag went off in the Bugga I suppose to Hosting it is 12 oclock and every appearance of ruin thundring at intervals It rained South & East not much here Hon Brick 18 It rained last night I went to Looneys this morning to see Brick if there were much more brick, & found we have not halled the forth of them, there are at least 20,000 there yet. I bought Baskets $3.00 6 Cotton baskets at 50 Cents each. I told the boy Eli, formerly belonging to E. Caruthers, to leave and go right off & he took me at my word, he was verry finely dress like he was ready to go into the ball room &c has find suit of Cloth close must have cost not less than $100. hot boots & fine shirt Boys Work all in perportion Said he came to see the folks, but he left soon halled 7 loads of Bricks 1865 [Sgpt?] 19 Tu The last night was quite cool Wind from the North & East almost frost quite a change picking out Cotton We commenced this morning picking out our Cotton Webb, Richd West & Flin & Aleck. (Sweet is still mending) Sweet like the small pox Sweet is better the broke out like it might be the small pox She was brought home sick soon fever, pain & skin all

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over She was brought home on Tuesday the 5 Sept and on the 7 she was broke out all over the face & body & feet The blister seemed to be a Whey colour On Wed the 13 the blisters on her face & body appeared to heal up & the scales came off but her feet has continued verry sore & swelled & verry sore yet She has not had much fever for several days of any consiquence Puss & her ) Puss & her little child is both taken sick on yesterday child small ) Verry sore throat & some fever I fear it is the small pox or pox) the same disease that Sweet has She is broke out in the face in bumps blisters &c

Wed 20 William, Thomas, & Fanna went to Nashville in the 2 William ) oclock train this evening Fanna took her youngest child with Tho & ) her Fanna ) Nashville ) The boys are picking out Cotton Monk & Aleck, Ricd, Webb, West, Plim, (Richard was sick) lost half the day

Th 21 Preston is at work in picking out Cotton to day It is turning much warmer. Puss dont appear much bad off, Puss & ) tho some broke out her little child is probably worse off Sweet sick ) than the Mother. Sweet is still mending (Felix is unwell) Aleck ) & Aleck worked only one half the day (to dinner) & went Feliz ) to Town Says he is unwell Nothing matter with Aleck

Fri 22 Aleck stayed in Town last night & I hear he is sick Felix is complaining this morning Rich is better complains of his loin (a pain) he is still going about doing arrends.

Puss & child Puss is some better Sweet I think is on the mend Puss Sweet little

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child is not so well Aleck worked half the day

1865 We took Caleb, Press, Rich, Plim & Aleck went & put up Sept ) Sat 23 ) the fence all round fathers old field to put our hogs in.

Richd ) Worked one half the day, until dinner Did not git done Plim &c ) All quit & I went to Town Locust Hill) field ) I stayed at home all day No particular news I think Sun 24 Puss? family are all better Sweet has been clear of fever ( since Friday The youngest is worst off. ) William & Mag ( went to Town &c Mon 25 -------------- Mon 25 I stayed at home got the old sow & 2 shoats in the pen

they are verry wild We are trying to pick out our Cotton

Locust Hill gets along verry slow finished righting up the locust Hill

fence &c

Tu 26 William & me went to find some of our hogs followed to

Rankins quarter near Esters & there found and got one of them

Boy Anderson) out of the blacks hog pen the boy Anderson acknowledged he stole hog ) put it there give it up he had marked & altered it We

heard of the other at Jim Hannas his boy had it but we could

not find it only got one and brought it home We fixed the old

locust Hill field & we have now got three hogs in there all

3 hogs newly altered. We got our information the whereabouts of the

rode 2 boars from Mr Tyler in the morning I rode Bill Mule the

Bennet whole rounds all day which tyred me verry much (Ezekiel Bennet

came at night & stayed all night.

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Wed 27 I went to Town saw Maryann there Kisser did not git from

Maryann Nashville as was agreed upon, herd that Hamilton had sold

Maryanns Cotton, & deposited the money in a house in New

York. No particular news

Th 28 William & Mag has gone to Town All hands are picking out

William & Mag) Cotton & getting along verry slow. News Jesse S. Harris appointed

J. S. Harris ) Agt Fredmans Bureau Harris went except. Dougherty appointed Dougherty ) Post Master in place of J. D. Moore

1865 It has turned verry considerable cooler last night Wind Sept ) Fr 29 ) from the North East. Puss is complaining.

I think Puss & her little child is both out of danger &

Small pox &c) Sweet is much better I think they are getting well the rest,

Lorra, Clary & Felix has not taken the disease & I dont think

Small pox ) they will, as the disease has been there from the 5th Sept

(Sweet) I think all is getting well It appears to be verry

mild cases of small pox, or verry bad cases of Chicken pox.

I am Inclined to think it Chicken pox It comes on with the

usual simptoms of small pox the 3d or 4th day it breaks out

in blisters & bumps over the face & body with high fevers which

lasts about 10 days, the blisters dryes up & leaves but little

or no marks when the fever abates. Some time they are verry

much troubled with sore throat & fevers for several days. It

was about 10 days after the 1st case before the next two cases

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came on they have all stayed in one house We have kept

them from the rest of the Negroes & the rest from them as

much as possible Kept them byh them selves No others have

yet taken it. --------------- It rained last night, or this morning rather, the Wind is Sat 30 in the West & North Caleb is taking our posts on the Turn

Caleb pike road that is around our young Orchard & making a hen house

after splitting them up he must account for it some way --

Hay I made a contract with Tom McCanless (Coloured) to cut hay Tom he boards himself shocks & saves it, the one half for the

other. He is to commence next Tuesday ------------------- The morning was clear William & Mag went to Meeting Sun 1st October McCains Church

1865 This morning is clear & quite cool No frost but a heavy Oct 2d Diew the blacks are all getting along as usual No more sick

I wen t to Town Many people there I got up a petition to

alter or change the rode through Francis premises & a Jury

appointed but found the law so changed that it requires 5

days notice to Francis which is not done, have to try again

Tues 3d I went to Town found Francis angry about the rode. I let

him sweat There are a good many sick with fever

Wed 4 William & Mag went to Town She got shoes that did not fit William ) Mag ) & wanted me to take them back I stayed at home It will frost

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Beef to night The Wind is in the North this evening & Cold

We killed a little beef this morning

Th 5 I went to Town but verry few people there News that Wm No such news is truth Robery Langham was killed last evening & that there was robery ^ of the Citizens of Mt Pleasant Wed night (the Jews were robed)

Frost A verry heavy frost this morning 1st frost here ------------------ Fri 6 William & Mag went to Town I stayed at home Press & Tom

William & ) McCanless & Webb are getting hay Tom is cutting one half for Mag ) the other Webb, Press, Plim & West did not pick Cotton they

cut Hay & shelled Corn & cut hay William & Mag is staying

Frost to night in Town (theater) they may come home yet Some

this morning ---------------- I settled up with Tom (Coloured) for his work & bought his Sat 7 Tom $5.00 ) part of the hay he cut this week, paid him $5.00 for it, he hay ) is to go on longer cutting hay & divide one half for the other

I went to Town No particular news there are a good deal of

sickness Cotton getting up to 39 cents in Nashville

1865 The weather has moderated verry much looks like Indian Octr ) Sunday ) Summer ----- (Wm & Mag) William & Mag went to Meeting (McKeans) All is getting

along only tolerable all is well except my self I have

not been verry well taken cold. Joints & limbs stiff, not able

to get about with ease.

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Mon 9 I sent Press to the Steam Mill on fountain Creek Coffees

Mill & Meal ) two horse Wagon with about 12 bushels of new Corn got it all 12 bush ) ground and got home 1 1/2 oclock We are trying to get our hay

halled 4 loads 16 shock Plin & Webb -------------- Tues 10 I went Town got 24 lbs of Nales (16 lbs Tens & 8 of 8

Nales $3.00 ) penny) paid, got a midling of Bacon 27 Cents pr lb it cost

Meet &9.50 ) &9.50.

The Legislature passed a resolution condemning President

Johnsons course favoring the South (in the Confederacy)

Arnell is quite Radical

Wed 11 William & Mag went to Town in the Bugga Press is trying to

Press git some boards Tom (Coloured) /is working with him/. I stayed

at home all day

Th 12 I went to Town in the evening Press & Tom got some boards

Press & Tom No particular news Verry dry & sultry Some appearance of

Rain The hands picked out more Cotton than any other day

Fr 13 It rained a little at day light Web & Plim went to Town

after the 2 horse Wagon The Blacksmith cut the tyer, & Will beef $5.00 Press & Tom ) bring back some beef with them 50 lbs $5.00

All hands picking out Cotton Preston & Tom is patching up

rain ) the roof of the potato house It rained a verry heavy rain

about 12 oclock

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Sat 14 I made a settlement with Tom (Coloured) for all his Hay &

work on the potato house & making boards & paid him up all I

$3.20 owe him $3.20 for Hay &c. I went to Town in the evening A

Negroes ) greate many Negroes & some excitement between the Negro soldiers passing ) & some Citizens report says a Negro soldier & a White man was

William killed William went to Mariah Camp Meeting 1865 There is no particular news The excitement in Town Saturday Octr Sun 15 was this man Miller that killed Brigs last year he was in

Miller D. Custody of the Civil Authorities for Robery & was released from

the Civil Authorities & set at liberty. As soon as the black

soldiers found it out they mounted therfe horses with there ( Wed 1st Novr ) guns and the last was heard of them they were a short distance ( behind under whip at Mrs Youngs swearing they would kill

him This was late Saturday evening & I have heard nothing ) more since ( When I came home last evening there was some Hogg ) ) killed ) excitement about some of the Blacks having killed a hog one

that was raised in my yard it had went off some 2 weeks ago

Claimed by ) & some one had marked the shoat & it came back home The blacks Jaggers ) knew it I suppose concluded it should not go back & they

report is they butchered it. Jaggers seems to claim the shoat

says it was in his mark I reckon he ought to know who marked it

Mon 16 It is quite cool Some frost this morning We have started

Aleck all our Cotton pickers except Aleck who is sick in Town

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William William went to Giles? Saturday morning has not yet returned.

Bird Old Bird the faithful old pointer is declining verry fast

cannot survive but a day or two longer he is going off with

old age, he is about 13 years of age I went to Town after

dinner got $1.00 worth of Candles & a rope $.50 Thomas L.

T. L. Porter came & stayed all night on his rode to Nashville (9 1/2 oclock

Wm at night & William has not yet) come home. We have been look-

ing for him this evening. No particular news I got no papers --

Bird ) Old Bird died Monday night the 16 & we burried him near to Died ) where we buried his Mother (Old Mat) Near the North West corner ) of the old Orchard, the next day after he died. ( Birk Esqr ) brought the double barrell Shot gun to Town for me I got it,

Shot Gun ) it is the gun that Doct Giles T. Harriss stole out of Andersons J. T. Harris ) house last Novr I had started a prosecution before Harris

would give it up, he sent it by Burk -- 1865 October ) The morning is very Cloudy & like it might Rain before night. Tu 17 ) My 3 hogs got out of the field and went back to Rankins

Hogs Quartter near Estess. I sent this m orning & got them home &

have fixed a strong pen adjoining the Cook house & have put

rain them in it They are looking verry well has been raining a

little all day & we have not done but little in the way of

William home picking out Cotton. William got home to day sbout 2 oclock P. M.

Wed 18 It rained a little enough to keep them from picking out

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Caleb ) Cotton I stayed at home heard no news I got the little Molasses ) barrel full of Molasses of Caleb (20 Gal) rent. I went to We killed a beef this morning Cow Th 19th bigbyville got 6 sides of upper & one side of sole & took Beef killed ^ 9 beef hides See entry on Moores Act. Plim went with me

got home before night. Sun in Elips Only a small ring left

to be seen around the sun Commenced at 8 in the morning

Fri 20 I went to Town in the evening got a paper No particular

Not Well) news I have been quite unwell for some time, head ake &

aking all over all day. With some difficulty I can get about

to do much good.

Cotton Cotton is now selling at 12 1/2 Cents in the Seed & about 50 in

nashville in the lint. My Buga Tyer Broke & I got it mended

Estes Shop by Danl (Blacksmith) ------------------- I think I am some better this morning I have kept quite Sat 21 still. William is making Wagon breching for our 2 horse Wagon Brichen ) for wagon ) Wash is halling up his Corn halled 6 lodes yesterday to Wash Wash Corn Preston is a helping him & keeping count of the lodes for us. Preston Old Peters dog came over to our field and caught & tore Peters Old ) young Dog & our ) the read Cows / calf so I fear it will die, eat off one of its Calf ) ears & part of its tail, & tore it up otherwise badly. It is

the same dog that tore the ear of the only sow so bad that

you can not tell the mark Some thing must be done.

John A. Campbell Marshal is summoning witness to go before

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