folder 133: Correspondence, July–December 1830

Bills of sale in which enslaved people were purchased from the estate of John Haywood by John S. Haywood, George M. Haywood, B. A. Barham, Wyatt Harrison, Eliza E. Haywood, and William H. Haywood (folders 132-133). August 15, an indenture, in which a group of enslaved people were conveyed by John McLeran and Hugh McLaurin, acting as trustees of Jesse and Stephen Birdsall, to the Company of the Bank of the United States (folder 133). December 1, a letter in which Green, Jerry, Simon, Boen, Sceny, Ceity, and Jane are listed. Several names have "blanket" next to their name; all of the individuals are associated with another name and what looks to be a dollar amount, which suggests that their labor was hired out. The letter is from J. Blake and Son in Fayetteville, N.C., to Benj. S. King in Raleigh, N.C. (folder 133). August 16, a legal document in which people enslaved by H. A. Donaldson and sold at a sheriff's sale were part of a dispute between William H. Haywood and William Donaldson (folder 133). Other notable materials are legal correspondence and papers of George Washington Haywood; similar items continue until 1860. February, William Henry Haywood, Jr., to his cousin Eliza Eagles Haywood (Betsy). 7 May, letter of introduction from John B. Muse of Washington, D.C., to Fabius Julius Haywood introducing Dr. Alexander Telfair. 23 May, Theo A. Snow to George W. Haywood, describing Terre Haute, Indiana, where he was visiting. 5 June, William H. Haywood, Jr., to his cousin Betsy with a statement and discussion of her indebtedness. 6 August, letter from E. Fondo, dressmaker for Miss E. Haywood. A number of legal papers of the 1830s bear the name of Birdsall. 13 December, W. Latimer of Edenton to Thomas W. Johnston (partner of George W. Haywood), concerning a sale of property. 21 December, William H. Haywood to Betsy Haywood giving personal advice.


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Friday morning Apr 6 1830

Dear Miss Haywood

I received your letter of the 24th July, with its enclosure, being over the balance of my bill, Mr Gales starts this day at 12 oclock, & I regret that your order, although in hand, is not complete and that it is not in my power to send them by Mr Sales - in haste, beautiful lace Hkfs- from 7. to 20 dollars - splendid Bead Bags from 4 to 5 dollars each, beautifully worked on velvet.

By the very first opportunity I will transmit all these articles. Please wrinse the Hhkfs, in a little clear water, as i had not time. Clagget has 1 splendid worked purse Hkfs for which he asks $7.50 cash - richly embroidered, draws up in the middle with satin strings worked like Babes cap in centre, beautiful article in haste

Very Respectfully &c E. Fonde.

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Miss E.E. Haywood

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