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as well at school, has to be punished sometimes. At home he
is never punished corporally, for his father & myself disap-
prove of whipping. I have now mentioned all my children
Willie was born 9th June 1839. All my children except
Anne & Hayne were born in June. They are all handsome
& smart enough, & if they were as good as they ought to be
I would be satisfied, they are honorable & truthful, have
rather high tempers, but if they control them; it wont in-
jure them, the boys are rather quarrelsome to each
other. but as they grow older, they will improve.

They are all wanting in self esteem, & think too humbly
of themselves. I do not like persons to be vain, but when
they are possessed of every advantage as our children
are, they ought to appreciate them. My daughter is
very pretty & thinks herself ugly; it must be that I am
wanting in self esteem, & they inherit it from me.
I will describe my beloved husband as he appears to
me, who have known him for 30 years. He is now
above 60, but like myself looks young for his age. he is
tall 6 ft 2 in in height, erect in his bearing, just
stout enough to make him a handsome figure. his features
are the most intellectual I ever saw, his countenance calm
& dignified; his features regular, his forehead high & ex-
pressive, the organs of firmnes & conscientiousness strongly
developed, his nose grecian, his mouth beautiful,
the upper lip short, the lower a little more forward
than the upper, which always makes a beautiful
mouth; his eyes dark grey; with black eyelashes.
his chin good. he is one of natures noblemen, in
character I can compare him only to Washington

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