Status: Complete

S 10 [4]
M 11 1520
T 12 1534
W 13 Rain
Th 14 1666
Fr 1332
S 620
March 17 planted the Hogwoller field of corn
March 19 planted the field at the house of corn
March 31 planted the 25 acre cut of cotton
Planted the gin-house field 15 April
" " last years cotton Land above the mill 14th April
Planted the Sanders field of cotton the 1 t 2 3 and fourth "
Planted the Sandy part of the corn ground on the
west side of the creek 4th April
Planted the balance 11 and 12th "
Planted the Sandy part of the field on the east side
of the creek 5 April
the Balance of the field 15 16 + April
Replanted cotton the 12 May (finished)
Squares about the June time common
call going over cotton the second time
The 16 May Set out potaoes for the first

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2nd line reads 1500 not 1520