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still made for him, got to him and with a
knife cut Stallings a cross through the belly and also
his throat and killed him upon the spot! The negro
ran off a little way, fell down and made known
where he was and was taken. This is [inserted: a] really
shocking calamity.
Immediately after a[??] news arrived that
Mr Jones, the husband of lacerated honor above
noticed, and Dr. Johnson, the physician im-
plecated as the destroyer of his honor, had fought
a duel in Pennslyvania, and that Johnson
was killed. My [inserted: brother] Albert who brought the news
saw the [struck: news] the account this day in the Nor-
folk Herald. So it is true. O, what a chapter of
tradegies. But I confess this [inserted: last] affects me more than
all the others - indeed more than any thing that
has occurred of such a nature in a long time
If ever such did affect me before. I now write of
it with different feelings from what I did in
noticing its first occurence. Then I gave no
name. It is now of such piblic noriety that
concealment is useless. This affair [paper torn]
-sailing of honor and character and of it tragi[paper torn]
occurences, is overwhelming to the several
families of the parties. They are all families
in high life. I know them, are acquainted
with them. One is a brother la[inserted: w]yer whom I
regularly meet at court, The other I was well
acquainted with, and for whom and his fam-
ily I had and have huge esteem. Old Mr Charles
Johnson the father of the fallen Daniel, I have
understood was in great distress, now [paper torn]
lamentation must be in dis enbable. He[paper torn]
and his family, I do sympathize. They are
educated and wealthy and moved in t[paper torn]
first circles of society. They now feel adv [paper torn]
quiver in a most poignant [paper torn]uarters.

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