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The Johnson's, the Deveresy's and Mr Jones's fam-
ilies a how dreadfully cast down in inconsola-
ble grief, and I presence, in burning revenge, in mortifi-
cation and shame for a fallen daughter and horrow
at the foul blot on a proud family, in wounded
honor and misery that anguishes like the "worm
that dieth not" which the sweet revenge (if such
it be) of championship in a fatal duel cannot
efface. This melancholy affair will stalk in hide-
ous mien through life. Important consequences
it will have, which non can foresee. The wom
-b of time may reveal it, when the posthaste story
of days that are gone will offer itself to some liter-
ary genius, and lo! a novel The parties, the families
their position in soceity, are sufficent to give forth -
such reminescense of thrilling importance to
generations unborn. Family fueds for life, in-
timadies and marriages other channels and
circles, and not with each other: Such of these
families. Family revenge may spill more blood.
May Heaven avert suct aggravation.
Swelled heads will swell bigger and perhaps
burst, or shrink into their true selves, when they may
before they die, "see themselves as others see them."
They will probably see their true interests, eq-
uals, and superiors which they will regret they
never saw before or "with eyes saw not," "ears
heard not." Such catastrophes are place to
much mues clantines. I am sorry - these Fam
-ilies have my sympathy. Would they under
similar cicrumstances sympathise for me? I am not
at all interested in such enquiry. It is sufficient
for me that I speak truth when I say I grieve
for fallen virtue and character, for distress and sorr-
ow for consequences of ill omen.
But in this private manner for my own im-
provement or what it may, I am at liberty to specu-
late as I please on men and ways, and manners,

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