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I therefore pour out my private communings
to while away my time because I have have [sic]
nothing to amuse me at this time. It cannot
be disquised that much of the vice that disturbs
society and leavens any age with licentiousness
is fostered, generated, and perpetuated in what is
known as high life. People in Hertford in a grind
exalted sphere revel in licentiousness with imprompie
ty because the checking finger of virtue, from what they
delve below them, cannot reach them. The most exem
plary among them, saintly church new, know of
these vices; And though they may not conscrit? these
themselves now as they did formerly perhaps, app
arently wink at them. They encourage such per-
suits, habits, and sentements that is eventually lead
to their commision. There is However the veil of
"charity that covereth a multitude of sins." These
various, immoral licentious look to their standing
for the agis of protection. If the lower class "sow wild
oats" and romance and indulge in imagined
but ephemeral pleasure like these great ones,
why it is vulgar, mean and low. The lower
class look up to the higher for examples of excellence
and for self importance and welfare. Why not
afford them good examples The answer is too true.
Your example is of most pernicious tendency
and you know not. Yet you look not back, but
press on and [?????], curse and kick those
humble and better ones in your way. Proved in
previous, "clothed in a little brief authority you cut
such capers that make the angles weep" as though
you had not a soul to be saved or a sould to be damed,
as yourselves; as though the were not for the
lovely and the numble in virtue and Christian love
It is feared that licentious romances of the
French school and others fare in too much requi-
ture [struck: in the higher] by the few ales of high life.

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