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Oak Lawn, Fr. 13 th Feb 1846

I am tired with common places. I want something
extra and good something profitable. Winter is two thirds gone.
Our Courts have come. Next week to Gates, the week after
to Hertford, and so on. So we go. But I am here.
It is right cold this day. I want something to do just at
this time. French novels are a burning shame to the litera-
ture of the English language. Is it possible that decent
young ladies will read then trash pieces of shame? Yet
it is said they do read them and that they make no
secret of it. We may expect more false lips and
tragic mishaps from such licentious readings.
Sat 21st Gates Court to which I went last Monday
and returned Thursday, evers as usual largely att-
ended This is known as the great fishing Court
because the fishermen from the surrounding coun-
ties assemble there to hire hands to fish. Then num-
ber of fisherman was much larger than usual.
Hands were so much on demand that they
commanded a dollar a day, a little less than
double of what they went last year.
My expenses there were compesated by mingling
among the lawyers and discussing
law questions.
March Mon 2. Our country court ended last week
on Thursday night - later than usual.
This is a fisherman's Court. They come here to hire
hands to fish. There were more fisherman than
I have ever seen at Winton. They paid a higher
price, though not so high as they did at gates
the week preceding. At Gates the price was $1.00
At Winton the sound fisherman paid a dollar
those on this side paid not so much, from 75 to
86 cents, and hard to get them at that.
At this Court there was nothing to elate
me. My enjoyment was not much. Money
came in but slowly, so of practice.

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