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San Francisco Cal: Jan: 20th 1852

My own dearest Sister

The last letter I received from our dear Mother was written at "Land's End" and I was glad to see that Mother and yourself had actually crossed the Sound— Of course you had a pleasant visit— Cousin Amanda is so kind and affectionate to all of us— I do wish she could spend most or all of her time with Mother till we return— I was in hopes when I wrote to Mother on the "16th"— that by this Steamer I would be able to say something definite relative to the Senatorial election.

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But the Legislature has not voted upon the question as yet. I am afraid there is no hope of Fathers election however I am afraid.—

Well perhap tis better so!— I am waiting anxiously to hear how the race comes off between Randolph Spauldings boat and Mr J. H. C's— of course I mean the new boats.

Will you have a Regatta this coming Spring?—

I was not aware that Mother had had the Hannah Page— repared— till she wrote me about going to Fancy Bluff in her.—

I suppose the Island is as quiet as a Church—not such a thing as a party having been heard of "during the

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recollection of the oldest inhabitance" as the cotton planters say of a very dry season. So Mrs Troop has returned _____ I wont say a word!— If you see her ask her to call her first son after me. good Lord Sister— I am afraid when I go home all the young Ladies I used to know will be coming with their young rats and saying— "what do you think of my baby?"— wont it be "bad for the eyes" Fancy! "You Albion Knight Jr. I say— if you dont let Martha Ramond— and your other little sisters and brothers alone— I will spank you till I cant feel you" Oh! love thou canst no longer fling thy halo round the fare one's head! "All gone"

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Dont you think such a picture is enough to cure all the fondes love in the world? I do!—

There is nothing going on here of more than local interest— So I will close— I will write to Mother by this Steamer also.— Give my very best love to her and also to Ms Gale Floyd & Tess give my love to Mr Wm. A. C. and kiss all your dear little children especialy my sweet little pet Anna for me and believe me

My dearest dearest Sister— Your most affto brother T. Butler King Jr

To) Mrs Wm A Couper Frederica St Simons Isld Ga

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[encl. 20 Jan 1852]

I am very sorry this is such a miserable likness - But tis not my fault - my dearest Sister B.

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