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& as Mattys clothes were kept with hers— all of course were burnt

Rebecca tells me Mrs Roswell King sent her mother $100— &
that Mr J. H. C. has given Margaret $200. He has also had the
generosity to give Rebecca the old piano at Cannon's Point
her piano was saved but injured &c &c— Mrs Brown, the Wyllys
Miss Carter Are all helping the girls sew. I can do nothing for
them— as the only two servants I have are kept busy
waiting on them. I like the few articles of dry goods you sent
me very well— but the shoes I am obliged to return— they
are so hard they would ruin my feet— The Wyllys
recommend me to try india rubbers if you think I had best get
india rubbers do so instead of soft leather— Willie & Bobs
shoes fit very well— William thinks I had best keep them
all. Sam & Alie beg you to get those ear rings changed—
The one pair for Such as Maria wears— the other pair small
rings no larger than yours. I have also to return
the spectacles— they are so heavy & rough— I am willing
to go as high as $ One dollar a pair— that is the price
I gave some years ago for light steel frame spectacles

Now I am in dispair about my canaries— Surely
I am an unlucky woman. & I have so set my heart on
getting at least 4 more; I will now turn to the
Daguerreotypes— you are not done justice to— but I will keep
the one you send me— if you will have one taken better
for your Father— I agree to pay for it— I suppose you
could not have King taken— You must put on a
more animated expression— & they have enlarged your
features so much— those likeness's would be sooner
recognised as Mrs Hall than Mrs Wm A Couper— Be sure
& have a new one taken with a more cheerful
expression for your Father— William came over for a short
time today, he has a bad cold like ourselves—

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