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I hope you have been able to write to Butler. I give William
my 2 letters which I beg he will put into the office as soon
as he reaches Savannah. I do not know whether the
California Mail will close at 10 on Saturday or at 10 on Sunday.
do see that they are put into the office in time. I hope my precious
Child that you may get back safe & in health - and that I may be
able to give you back your sweet treasures no worse for being
left with me. Kiss your dear children for me. To my dear Ira & Pheone
say all that is affectionate & kind - my regards to Miss Jane & kind
love to dear Sarah Bourke I cannot yet answer her last
affectionate letter. In fact my eyes are getting worse & worse.
Dear little Willie is seated on a chair by me - he says he is sorry he was
asleep when his pa was here - & begs I will send his Father
word that he is now awake & wants to see him - Bob is the
sweetest of all sweet children - he sends kisses to all of you
& says his toy broke the very first time she let it fall.

I hope you will not come home sick. To tell you
the truth I scarcely know what I am writing—

God! bless you my darling child
your devoted mother— A.M. King

Pray do not forget my paper - ink - wafers - pens & envelopes
or my 10 lbs canary seed - The gloves you sent are not
worth the freight - much less 50 cents—

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