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If you remain (as I really wish you could at least one week longer) & if
William returns in the Planter next Tuesday- you will send me
all you may have been able to collect for me- I should like the bread
on account of the Frasers - the children & Mrs Gale - I will not
conclude this before tomorrow night.

Friday morning
Last night I believe Ira had eaten too much supper. She fussed
considerably for a few hours - then slept quietly the balance of
the night. In the morning I asked her if she was sick last night
she said "yes I was very sick (when I asked her where hurt her) she
said "my nose! but Muzzer I did dream my papa was come
back & was going to whip me" Willie & her appear quite well
this morning

Enquire if a dentist will visit the Fed
[large tear in paper]
2 pair large size mens ½ hose - wool - For Abe B
1 pair large size womans worsted stockings - Ruthy

I have been looking at the stove it looks so much smaller
than yours. I wish you to look at those in Savannah
if on Williams return this is found at all unlike yours
I will not have it. I am in all the confusion of a house
full. If Matty & Becker were like Willie & Bob - there would
be less trouble. I hear the Wyllys will be here today &
as yet do not know the extent of Mr and Mrs Browns
visit. I must stop as the Browns are going.

Give one of your sweetest kisses to dear Ira & Phema for
me - also to my own dear little ones. Your devoted Mother
A M King

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