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4th Thursday 29th January 1852

Your dear little ones slept well last night, & are bright this morning - As the boat
did not start for the Frasers until yesterday morning - the tide serving
so badly I did not expect them last evening. The children had got their
supper & gone to bed - when the party arrived - the 3 young ladies - 2 children
& little maid. Matty is possible but little Rebecca is just as
unmanagable a little miss as you can well imagine. I would recommend
you by all means to prolong your visit - it will require at least 2
weeks of relaxation to fit you to begin anew your house hold cares
with 6 added to your family. I will worry on with those two children
during that period - I will try & not let it trouble me. Your two little
darlings I manage very well. I find it impossible to dry up the
burns of poor little Herbert. I wish you could get the advice of
some skilful Doctor for me. The sores discharge greatly &
he complains much of those on his stomach. I will enclose
a small additional memorandum - I wish the medicines
by the Planter - & if you do not come send me the advice I ask
for Herbert. This Weather is delightful - I hope you enjoy it.
From what the girls tell me - Mrs F. gave the worst account
she possibly could of their misfortunes - I am glad for their sakes
they saved so much. Mrs Julia King came to see them after the fire
it is strange she did not take some of them home with her - but she
wrote "a beautiful letter & sent Mrs Fraser a $100."

I wish Wm would keep his ears open & hear all that is going on
about the losses by the explosion - Mr Anderson does not give
me any definite answer. Mr Bourke thinks no one will be
paid. I do not know which way to turn for advice. I ought to
be thankful I did not loose all - & so I am to my God! but
if others are paid I do not know why I should be left out.

Mrs Gale is still pretty much as you left her -

I will add more to this - Will you believe it - I wrote this page
on a sheet I had written 2 pages on to Florence - It is well I found
out my mistake before I closed my letter.

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