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[upper-right corner] 3thrd September 1852

My dearly beloved child

I did not write to you on Wednesday & have been reproaching myself ever since - knowing by experience the pain of suspense. It happened just in this way on Tuesday evening just when I was dresssed to go out & pay some calls Appy came running up to say Uncle Andrew was down stairs. We were soon all down to welcome him. He told us Louisa was at the New Haven Hotel. We all trotted off & found poor Lou up in the 3rd Story [sic] - dozing away on a comfortable Sopha [sic] - She was not well - but cheered up & consented to come down to spend the evening with us, here we made quite a room full of Kings - only nine 10 - not as many as I muster of my own dear ones when we are all at home They could only stay in N.H. until today - as Andrew really has important business in New York. From that time to 12 oclock today - They have been with us all the time - that is Lou took her dinner & tea with us. We all collected in my room in the 3rd Story [sic]. / it made Andrew puff & blow to get up so high/ He[re] we talked & laughed - She helping us to sew - directly Andrew would take one of the boys & away he would go - by & bye [sic] he would come back followed by a man the first day - a boy the second bearing a large basket of peaches - for which he each day paid $1.50 - then Rhina would be called to bring plates & knives & crushed sugar - for the peaches are all so sour they cannot be eaten without sugar This was very pleasant past time [sic] for the whole party The second evening Lordy got a carriage in which

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himself Andrew Louisa & myself took a long ride. On our return - we all got up into my room again - but Lord had engaged to Polk [sic] with some young lady over at the Tontine and would have G & uncle Andrew go too - so there they staid [sic] until near 11 - Andrew would never eat with us - he would give me Louisa & take which ever of your brothers who would go with him up to the New Haven & give them a feed there. Very good eating up there - but I find no fault with good Miss Lines' table. What she gives us is good and wholesome. And then that good old lady Miss Dagget - always sits opposite to me & will help me to the best on the table. The only waiter is a big-greesy [sic] faced old nigger - very stupid & very slow - he always helps me first = so you see I am well taken care of. I am glad to say Louisa is very much better - She is getting flesh & regain-ing her good looks - She is a lovely woman - & dear Andrew is so affectionate & kind - I do feel so sad at losing them again so soon. But I know that he has much to occupy him in N.Y. & I could not expect Louisa to stay here without him. They would have Lord go to N.Y. with them - & wished me to let G & F. go also - but I could not spare them yet. If nothing turns up to prevent I have promised to let them go a few weeks hence. Andrew told me - if I required it - he would advance me money - He is making a vast fortinu fortune - but - at this time money is borrow-ed at a 12 per ct. to carry on their improvements. The machinery now building in N.Y. will cost him $40-000 -- -- The one last year was for $30-000. I only mention this to show that he is not at this time flush of money -- -- He is very affectionate in his manner to all of us - Louisa gave me hers & Andrews [sic] Daguerreotypes - very good ones - & I am to have the childrens [sic] taken for her -

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We had the happiness to hear from your dear Father & Butler on Monday last up to the 30th of July - Thank God! both were quite well - dear Butler says "I am so happy to hear you are better I can scarce tell the truth." What a dear good son he is. I know you write to one or the other of them every fortnight - Oh! my Tootee how mercifully we have been dealt with. If we are not rich - still we have the rich wealth of loving hearts to enjoy the little we have & God! mercifully grants us life. By yesterdays [sic] Herald I see the death of Mrs Stephen King coupled with that of Hannah Lords [sic] - as having died in July. How severely they have been visited. Oh! how much do I pity the survivors - How suddenly has that family been broken up. I really fear poor old Steve cannot survive such shocks. Mrs Preston still boards here - She is a very pleasant lady - She seems to feel very much for the Kings - I cannot realize those deaths - I forget all their unkindness in pity to their misfortunes. Oh! that I could drop take one drop from their cup of bitter sorrow I[t] seems perhaps strange that we do not feel more for them. We do feel - but Oh! not as such near relatives should.

I have yet to write my California letters & am trying hard to get this into the office so as to get it taken by the Steamer tomorrow. I find the Land Mails have been delayed by the late storm - I very much fear it extended to our poor little Island.

Dear Tootee how hard dear William has been working to make my poor old House comfortable - He has been a kind son to me - & you my child are blessed in having such a husband - Oh! Tootee I am very stupid - I could say a great deal on this subject could I find words to

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express my feelings - you & William both know what I ought to feel & I do feel __________ I long to return to you - & will/God! permitting/ to be with you as soon as it will be safe for me to do so. - Andrew begs me to remember storms as well as fevers - They will not go home before the middle of October. Which is certainly as late as I can be persuaded to stay - I wrote to Messrs Andersons yesterday requesting he would be on the look out for the bale of carpeting & Lords [sic] box of odd ends - & to forward them to Williams [sic] care. I would purchase the negro clothing here if I had the means of so doing - but as I have not - I am indebted to you for suggesting having them out of the way before I return home. I have not time now to make out the list of men women & children - My book or Clementine could show you how many yards will be required - of woollen, flannel & cotton. I do not think the last years [sic] men [sic] cloth was good. If you get the samples as you propose - Select for them as William would for his own - poor things - they must be clothed even if we make no crop has Dunham yet. Please beg Mr. Dunham not to forget their shoes - I wish the women all to have bootees - Rhina is getting Flora to write to Maria & will read your letter to her - If she should be persuaded to turn Davy I will indeed have all confidence in the race. I am more mortified than angry by his ingratitude - poor wretch I hope he may live to repent.

I must bring this scrawl to a close - I have not room or time to say all I wish - you must kiss over & over again those little darlings for me & their dear papa too. I never pass a child toy shop but I wish I could just transport it to Hamilton b for those little darlings. The girls & boys all send much love, to yourselves & Mrs Gale - Rhina begs to be remembered - Say all you think will gratify my negros [sic] for me - God! bless you my own darling child - Your devoted Mother A M King

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[centered] New Haven September 5th, 1852 -

My darling Tootee-

Many thanks for your dear welcome letter received some days ago - I read your sweet letter with real delight. The last time I got a letter one from you was whilst I was so at what ever to be hated, never to be forgotten "No [Number] 15" ! I commenced a letter to you last Sunday but did not finish it - - I should like to know for a matter of curiosity when it will be safe for us to go home - I am becoming very impatient - Tho' I have many very dear friends at the North - "there is no place like home"- especially such a sweet happy home as mine. How amused you must be, dearest Tootee, at Miss Cater & her beau!! I hope they won't get married before I return - Is he handsome? Mother I suppose will tell you all about Aunt Lou's & uncle Andrew's visit to us - I love them dearly - & it is pleasant to know they love us more than they do anyone else - Father wanted me to go to New York this winter to school - but Mother has asked uncle Andrew to engage Mrs Lara for us - so I will remain at dear dear old Retreat - Mrs Lara will be with us in December - I expect we will all love her dearly - I suppose, dearest Tootee, Mother

[written lengthwise, across top of page]

or to burn it - Anderson thinks as his lime is old fresh shells it will be better than from dead shells - If the Caterpillars later may cross it will be hard for me to find the $100. As the season advances I am more & more anxious about you my own darling. May Gods [sic] mercy protect - you all.

I will write you tomorrow or the next day - this must go now or you will have no letter next Sunday -- -- Rhina has written to Maria directed to Mr Dunham

love & kisses to all

Your devoted Mother, A.M. King

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