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R. V. Waldrep.

Bony Winchester
Red Bay, Alabama


Bony Winchester was sleeping when he received a call. His brother
and brother-in-law, Mason, were sitting out on the front porch, talking
the hours away. Old Lady Winchester rolled out on the porch from the
kitchen, and rolled back into the kitchen every little while---she was so
fat she had to roll.

"Bony! Bony!" the old lady said loudly into the bed room through the
door of the hall. The hall ran from the middle of the porch and made the
leg of a T down the middle of the house; there were two rooms on each side
of the hall, and an attic. Steps led from the hall to the attic.

A couple of dogs fetched themselves down to the gate to bark and leap
in the air, and the visitors came throught the gate, and walked up the weedy
path for about ten feet, since the yard wasn't bigger than ten-by-twenty.
They went up the steps, and the old lady scurried around, getting chairs
from inside the house.

Bony came out of the house scratching his head, and carrying his shoes.

"Bony was resting," said the fat, barrel of a woman. She stood about
five feet high and about three feet across. Her head was enormous with a


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