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Jacksonville, Florida
28 East Bay Street
Rev. W.C. Sale (White)
Mrs. Lillian Steadman, writer
Veronica E. Huss and
Robert Edwards, revisers


For 16 years the Reverend W.C. Sale has "been a well known figure in
the religious life of Jacksonville. He was pastor of the Margaret Street
Baptist church for 14 years, and now conducts the Jacksonville Citadel
Mission at 28 East Bay Street, where he serves refreshments twice daily
after the services to anyone attending, and coffee throughout the day.
He also conducts WPA adult education classes in the Mission.

He is six feet tall, weighs 150 pounds, and is a slender muscular
type. His high forehead is topped with thick dark brown hair sprinkled
with gray. He wears glasses, and his heavy eyebrows shade clear blue eyes.
Neatly attired, his tie, handkerchief and suit make a harmonious combina-

The Mission consists of one room on the second floor of an old comm-
ercial structure one block from the waterfront. The walls of the room
are very dingy and so also is the furniture, although it is well arranged.
A large one-gallon coffee pot of blue enamel shows signs of constant use.
A piano, the most impressive piece of furniture in the room, shows little
sign of wear. In this room, one frequently hears the creaking stairs in
the old building.

"At present I am using one large room not only as a classroom and em-


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