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church in this city back in 1893 was my father's first cousin of whom he
often spoke with pride, and I understand that Rev. J.C. Sale was a good
preacher. Many of his family still live in Florida today. Judge Sale
lives in Bronson, Florida. My people came from the British Isles by way
of Virginia, thence to the South and West. There are so few of us that
we are willing to claim kin when we meet.

"I went through grammar school in Tennessee and later took five years
in the Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, with special courses in ora-
tory and theology, graduating in June, 1904." At this point Mr. Sale shows
me the gold star he wears on his watch chain, the gift of the faculty for
being an honor student.

"A few years later while pastor in Richmond, Va., I took two years of
special work in Union Theological Seminary, an excellent Presbyterian
school. That is unusual for a Baptist to attend a Seminary of another de-
nomination, but I found it to be a good thing. It makes one broader, more
considerate, and a better thinker. I seriously doubt that our present
school system is turning out educated boys and girls. They all go through
the mill and graduate. I do not see how they do it. But I presume educa-
tion has heen so popularized that it has become a game and they play the
thing through. Then they make a larger appeal to the eye by means of maps,
charts, pictures, and demonstrations than they once did. I think I have
heard that about 85 percent of what we learn comes through the eye.

"One must he ambitious, with high ideals, in order to make the grade
in life. Much of this depends upon vision. 'Where there is no vision the
people perish.' I made my response to the first awakening of conscience.
I answered the call of God! To be a Christian! To be a minister! To live


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