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for others! I have had many experiences in what is known as the spirit-
filled life.

"My ambition has never been to accumulate wealth. I like the good
things of life, but have always expected them to come as a result of sac-
rificial services for others. I have understood that if one lives for
others he need not fear; he will be cared for. But I have learned that
one must be a good financier if he succeeds in life. One must keep the
home fires burning if he is to entertain strangers. Certainly one must
live within his income and not try to keep up with the crowd. One must
either own a home or pay rent if he never owns a car. I have owned two
cars that I bought and paid for and wore out. I am convinced that two-
thirds of the people driving cars do not need them, and would be better
off without them. This is evidently true of people living in the city
where transportation is easily accessible.

"When you speak of income you make me laugh. It is better to laugh,
though, than to cry. Our first income in 1905 was $50 per month, and we
lived in a furnished home. That was out in Heppner, Oregon, this side of
the Cascade Range of mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level in the arid
section of the West, where one feels most excellent, but where your dreams
are a long time coming true. But if you go from the South to the Pacific
Coast you must learn as quickly as possible to fit in.

"At one time my income was $4,000 per year, but like all the rest I
had my reverses. The hardest pull financially of my life has been during
my sojourn in Jacksonville. But I guess I am to blame. If I had hustled
for a larger church it would have been different. But I am stronger be-
cause of my struggles. I would say that not less than $100 a month will
provide adequately for a husband and wife today in Jacksonville. I know


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