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many live on less than that, but it is a hard pull.

"The supreme right of man is the right to live and the right to work,
and the right to show the marks of a man. Nothing is more honorable than
work. We should never he satisfied with our system in the social order,
until it provides every eligible man with work. Capital and labor must
cooperate, with this slogan, 'work for every man and every man at work.'
I was taught to work, and have worked ever since. I do not work for the
amount of money I receive but for the joy there is in it, for the good
I may be able to do, for what I may be able to accomplish through the work.

"My mission work is soul-satisfying and gives me a complete feeling
of effort well spent. When I lie down in my bed at night, perhaps a little
weary from the physical strain of the day, I am able to find full compen-
sation when I review the events of the day and know that tonight there are
fewer discouraged, depressed and hungry men because of my work.

"The earnest desire of my life has been to relieve suffering humanity
and to meet the needs of my brother-man. In this field I am able to reach
the man furtherest down--the man that won't come to church is the hungry
man, and the man made bitter because of some possible experience with a
church-goer, and the man that can't make a decent appearance because of un-

"Christ went after the man that was furtherest down and that is my
aim, but the churches are not after that class today, they want a well-
dressed crowd on parade. I am not sure that you will find very much Chris-
tianity, of the primitive type, among the churches today. Christ was
moved with compassion for the multitudes. I am wondering what Christ thinks
of the churches of this age.


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