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tible course of which each and every man can take a part. We, also, very
frequently have round table discussions of current events. Reflecting a
moment I recall that 'How to Prevent War' was a most interesting topic. The
forum plan of discourse and teaching is the best that I have tried. This
plan calls for the selection of a topic by the class, and the teacher giv-
ing the first short introductory address, giving all the class a chance to
ask further questions and discuss the question in hand.

"I am interested in making every man's living conditions as good as
we enjoy at home. The government is doing a remarkable thing for both
white and colored on housing projects of Jacksonville.

"My wife is from one of the oldest families in Memphis, Tennessee,
the Porter family. She attended Brownsville Female College, the Cincin-
nati Conservatory of Music, and studied dramatic art in several other

"We had three children, all of whom died in infancy. Later we adopted
a girl, Rose Valley Rupard, whom we raised. She is now married, has three
children, and lives in Virginia. My wife is an energetic person; she con-
ducts classes in dramatic art, piano and voice; she has twenty pupils. I
realize there is quite a contrast in our work; however, she feels that in
her work she is aiding humanity also.

"I heartily approve the New Deal. Christ went after the man that was
furtherest down and that is what the New Deal is meant to do. At present
the political parties do not amount to much, they are nearly the same. Be-
ing a Democrat I stick to my party. I flew the track one time and voted
for Hoover. It was due to Hoover's popularity as a World War humanitarian
and food administrator. The liquor question was a great issue at that
time. Some think that Al Smith being a Catholic had much to do with many


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