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voting for Hoover. It may have been with others but not with me. I
thought at one time that Hoover was the stronger of the two men, but to
tell the truth, neither one was a giant. Personally, I think that the
two Roosevelts are the strongest presidents that America has ever had.

"I have always voted religiously. I never fail to vote on every
issue. I am a politician. I believe in the science of sound government.
I always advise people to vote as they pray and pray as they vote. I
have never discussed politics in the pulpit.

"Neither do I tear my shirt over an election. I allow political cam-
paigns to be my time for fun. I am always for the present administration,
until I go to the polls. As a rule the ticket I select wins. Just a few
times have I voted on the wrong side. I do not wait to see which way the
wind is blowing but I am generally on the winning side. I find that one
man is about as good as another, and all liable to make mistakes while
they are in office.

"The word 'religion' is a hackneyed phrase. It has been over-worked.
It is ambiguous. You cannot tell just what one has in mind when he speaks
of his religion. It may mean his church creed, meaning denominationalism,
I prefer the word Christianity, Christlikeness. As you know for one to
have the mind of Christ has all to do with one's morals. Christianity
doesn't hinder one from having a good time in life. Christ turned the
water into wine at a marriage feast in Canaan of Galilee.

"I do not believe in trying to enforce what is known as Sabbath blue
laws, where one is not allowed to buy a loaf of bread or make a purchase at
a drug store. 'The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath,'
said Christ to the critical, self-righteous Pharisees. I like a good pic-


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