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cautious courting, if we would have happy, lasting marriages.

"Unless right-thinking people look out for the well-being of our young
folks they will be left alone to bring themselves to shame. Thoughtful men
will spend their leisure hours in learning at a school of adult education
where real hospitality is shown.

"For myself, I am well most all the time as I am constantly using pre-
ventive measures that keeps one well. Such as plenty of fresh air, with
its eleven health-giving qualities, good food properly masticated, due atten-
tion to poisons within and without the body, and the right exercise. With
proper knowledge of hygiene one becomes his own best doctor. Work is all
absorbing and is conducive to right thinking, which makes for the best of
health, other things being equal.

"As the hour approaches for classes, I find myself anticipating the
prospect of sitting through part of the session. One by one the men arrive,
then by twos and threes, and finally groups arrive together. Each finds
individual welcome as he is told to 'come in and get something to eat, and
help yourself to the coffee; there is more sugar back of the piano and
open up another can of cream, there's plenty. Oranges and tangerines over
there, too, help yourself, boys.'

"Some of these men are large and strong, others small, tired and worn.
The young and the old share the same hunger and the same disappointments,
but they may come here twice daily and find welcome, week in and week out,
for that is the purpose of this little mission."


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