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ture show, but do not believe in Sunday movies, because the movie is purely a commercial enterprise, just like any other business. If it is right for places of industry to close, it is right for the movies to close, too. Being in competition with the churches has not one thing in the world to do with it. The churches have no competition from any source.

"Since you are holding me up at a point of a pencil and I must show my personality and politeness, push, and perseverance as a pioneer, I will make a few miscellaneous obervations [observations], as I look at myself in the glass and see the house I live in 'by the side of the road while I try to be a friend to man.'

"One gets nowhere without a plan, a blue print that he makes for himself, if he is capable; if not capable, follow some one else's blue print. A free lance has started nowhere and certainly will get nowhere. I plan my day before I get up in the morning. In fact, thinking on plans and programs is the thing that brings me from a dead level to a living perpendicular.

"I am in a great movement. First: I am in the Kingdom of God movement, with all the lovers of the Lord. I am in adult education work under the Works Progress Administration, which is definitely here to stay. If the WPA should cease to be, adult education would go right on in one form or another, by one agency or the other. It is a fellowship forum with at least a hundred thousand of them in America. It is a field all its own, that must be worked daily. And if properly pursued it will defeat every ism that may pervade our shores, such as Communism and Fascism. Here we teach men to plow and plant, cultivate and harvest. We practice and teach that one must spend some time each day in the realm of the beautiful, and in the field of frolic and fun. Yes, we must have places of amusement, wholesome visiting,


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cautious courting, if we would have happy, lasting marriages.

"Unless right-thinking people look out for the well-being of our young folks they will be left alone to bring themselves to shame. Thoughtful men will spend their leisure hours in learning at a school of adult education where real hospitality is shown.

"For myself, I am well most all the time as I am constantly using preventive measures that keeps one well. Such as plenty of fresh air, with its eleven health-giving qualities, good food properly masticated, due attention to poisons within and without the body, and the right exercise. With proper knowledge of hygiene one becomes his own best doctor. Work is all absorbing and is conducive to right thinking, which makes for the best of health, other things being equal.

"As the hour approaches for classes, I find myself anticipating the prospect of sitting through part of the session. One by one the men arrive, then by twos and threes, and finally groups arrive together. Each finds individual welcome as he is told to 'come in and get something to eat, and help yourself to the coffee; there is more sugar back of the piano and open up another can of cream, there's plenty. Oranges and tangerines over there, too, help yourself, boys.'

"Some of these men are large and strong, others small, tired and worn. The young and the old share the same hunger and the same disappointments, but they may come here twice daily and find welcome, week in and week out, for that is the purpose of this little mission."


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Reverend W.C. Sale Florida Good
Conducts mission, serving refreshments to those attending meetings, and coffee all day - near harbor and center of city - tells family history, education, pastorates, philosphy of life - 'God will provide' attitude, but "one must be good financier" - labor and capital should cooperate to provide work for all - lives to relieve suffering and help underdog - criticism of churches - comments on city government and welfare purposes and management of mission.


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