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Savannah Unit

January 17, 1939
George Carter (Negro)
109 Ann Street
Savannah, Georgia
Ex-slave & Stevedore
Morris Adams, Writer


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Though he is a Negro the Negroes who pass him on the
street mean nothing to him; in his estimation they do not
exist. Occasionally he forces his six-foot frame to bow low
in acknowledgement to some white friend's "Good morning,

I watch his as he approaches me.

He is even stouter than I thought. He weighs at least
two hundred pounds. His hair is white and dusty, like last
week's snow, though his face is full and brown. At first
glance I do not believe he is old. He raises his head I see
his eyes. It is in his eyes the secret of his age is hidden;
they are cold, stark, and dead. Time has laid a thin grey [side note]gray[/side note]
tissue over the once bright eyes.

He passes me; I follow slowly.

For two blocks he slowly picks his way down an opening,
that once was a street; its surface is a fragmentary carpet of
stones and broken brick; I believe it has been forgotten.

He turns left and enters a gate; it slams behind him.

I wait a few minutes. I look around me.

As far as I can see in either direction the street is
narrow, unpaved, and strewn with debris. The houses are close
together; they have long forgotten the friendliness of a warm

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