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"Duh bed," he blurts suddenly, "did yuh see muh pritty
bed?" "Pretty" is George's pet adjective. "Yes George,"
I say. "Where did you get such a pretty bed?"

"Massa Arnold gib it tuh me. Doctor Arnold he done sleep
in dat bed all he life, he die in it; I'se gwine tuh die in it."

George grows sentimental. A pathetic thoughtfulness clouds
his face; I must draw him away from the tender side of his

"George," I try to put a little cheer in my voice, "I'll
bet Doctor Arnold let you have a good deal of time to play,
when you were young, didn't he?"

"Yas suh', I 'members play'n wid my fren's Niel Hab'sham,
an' Peter Meldrim, an' George Owens, plen'y times. I'se duh
younges' ob duh bunch. W'en us saw some Injuns come in duh
square I runs fas' is I kin go an' tells Massa. He say I kin
go look at de Injuns. De Injuns put up dey tents right neah
duh guard house on duh corner ob Whitaker an' York Street. Dese
Injuns ain't stay long though, but us boys sho' hung roun' an'
look at dem cur'ous peoples an' what dey hab wid 'em. Mos' ob
dese ole fren's ob mine hab die out. Duh colored boy what go wid
us I lose track ob 'im right atta duh war. He name Williams an'
he be a slabe ob duh Woodburys. Jist fo' duh war massa let me
fire a enjin on duh Central frum Savannah tuh Macon.

"Ebrybody done heah 'bout de ruckus an' duh shoot'n at Fort
Sumter; duh whole town gits 'cited, an' dey dona start tuh gadder
tuhgedder. I all time stop muh carriage an' watch 'em march an'
drill in duh square. Dey wuz a pritty sight.


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