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every game, hard as times are with me. The largest crowd I ever
saw in Athens was when Yale played Georgia to dedicate the new
stadium at Sanford Field. I paid two-fifty for my ticket and for
some reason tickets were not taken up at the gate; all we had to
do was show we had one. I kept mine for a souvenir.

"When I left Tuskegee, I went out to work for myself, and
since that time I've done bricklaying in five different States. Most
of my work has been done in Georgia, South Carolina, and West
Virginia. Building the power house at Wheeling when I was working
for the Foundation Construction Company was the largest job I was
ever on. On that job I was paid a dollar and a quarter an hour, and
that amounted to $55 a week. When that power plant was getting near
on to being finished I saw a workman - he was just a common laborer -
fall a hundred and fifty feet. Everybody thought he'd die when he
was sent to the hospital, but in three days he was back on the job.
What saved him was the fact that he fell on a mortar board that was
covered thick with fresh-made-up mortar. If he'd fallen on a pile
of brick instead of landing on that soft mortar there mightn't
have been any use in taking him to a hospital.

"The Georgia Power Company paid me $70 a week for my work
on the power plant at Tugalo. I used to get plenty of work to do,
and that's one reason why it's so hard for me to understand why I
can't get it anymore. One of the leading white contractors in this
town started out about the same time as me and he used to give me
lots of work, but in the last few years he claims his foremen refuse


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