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hair. Fred said, "This is my son's wife." When I acknowledged
the introduction, she did not look toward me or in any way indicate
that she was aware of my presence. She grunted something to her
father-in-law and disappeared through a door at the rear of the
room. Soon she returned, took her seat on the divan, and addressing
Fred said: "The baby's still asleep. I do hope he doesn't wake up
before I can get my clothes on the line. Fred smiled, but otherwise
ignored her as he continued: "My daughter has four little boys but
none of 'em are big enough to help her much. She washes for the
students at the chapter house where her husband works. I don't have
any idea what either one of 'em earns, but they seem to be getting
on very well. They live up the street just a little way from here.

"My youngest boy finished high school here and is now
attending the State School at Savannah. Just like his daddy, he's
taking up the brickmason trade. While he was in high school here he
made two-fifty a week working in the tailoring department of a men's
clothing store, and what's more like his daddy was at his age, he
didn't turn over a cent of his money to his parents. He spent it all
on himself, Just like I did with the first money I earned when I was
assistant to the janitor at Old College. Now, I have to pay twelve-
fifty a month to keep him in school. At first he was given enough
work for him to earn his schooling, but now all that's done away
with, and I have to pay his tuition and other expenses.

"I tell you, Miss, it sure keeps me jumping. My children
don't help me; I have to help them, but I've proved how I believe in
education because I've sacrificed and tried hard to see that my
children had, at least, high school education. I want 'em to have all


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