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Select Committee

August 6, 1973

Honarabl Herman E. Talmadge
United States Senate
Washington, D. C.

Dear Herman:
Carmine Bellino, who is a certified public accountant, and who served for many years on the Senate Permanant Subcommittee on Investigations, was employed by the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities at my instance to collect and analyse campaign contributions and other financial matters relating to the presidential election of 1972.

Senator Hugh Scott and others have requested the Senate Select Committee to investigate the question whether Carmine Bellino participated in the electronic surveillance of Republican Campaign officials during the Nixon-Kennedy election of 1960. The request is based upon three affidavits discussed by the Honorable George Bush, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, which were made by John W. Leon, who has since died, Ed Jones, and Joseph Simon. Mr. Bellino has supplied my with a copy of an affidavit made by Mr. Oliver William Angelone, and what he claims to be a correct analysis of the three affidavits mentioned by Mr. Bush, and the Angelone affidavit.

Manifestly, the Committee has no authority as a committee to investigate this matter as a part of the Watergate affair, but it does have the authority to investigate the qualifications of any of its employees.

To this end, I am requesting you, as Chairmand of a subcommittee of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, and Senators Inouye and Gurney, as members of such special committee, to investigate this matter and make a report to the full commitee as to your findings and conclusions.

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