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As early as July 6, 1971, Hunt was allegedly involved in
political espionage. Press reports indicate that he travelled to
Rhode Island under the alias "Ed Warren" to recruit Clifton DeMotte
to develop information which would discredit Senator Kennedy. At
the direction of Hunt, DeMotte was to obtain "scandal-type material."
If the FBI interviewed DeMotte, a copy of the interview should be

In August 1971, the final work was done by Herbert
Kalmbach, President Nixon's personal attorney, and Hugh W. Sloan
in setting up dummy committees to received political contributions
(see the writer's memorandum dated March 2, 1973).

A further indication that Hunt was involved in political
espionage while in the White House occurred in August 1971, when a
special private telephone allegedly was installed for his private
use in the Executive Office of the White House. Under a special
arrangement, the telephone was listed in the name of a White House
secretary, Kathleen Chenow, who worked with Liddy and Hunt. Each
month the bills were hand delivered by Miss Chenow to officials
in the White House for payment. The special phone was used almost
exclusively by Hunt when he received or made calls to Bernard L.
Barker (alias Frank Carter), one of those convicted in the Watergate
break-in in June of 1972. Occasionally, Hunt would put Liddy on
the telephone during a telephone conversation, according to
Miss Chenow. The Washington Post of December 8, 1972, carried a
detailed story of this matter. According to a Washington Post
story dated June 25, 1972, Bernard L. Barker, in the fall of 1971,
attempted to obtain blueprints of the convention hall in Miami
that was to be used by the Democrats during the convention. Barker
wanted the drawings of the air conditioning units from Leonard
Glasser, an architect in Miami. The FBI should be contacted to
see if they interviewed Glasser on this matter.

It was in the following month, September 28, 1971, that
Donald Segretti allegedly went on the Kamlbach payroll and was paid
to commit political espionage and sabotage against the Democrats.
Two days earlier, September 26, 1971 Segretti is reported to have
flown from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, and stayed at the
Benson Hotel where top White House aides, including Dwight Chapin,
were staying. Chapin was a law school friend of Segretti's and
allegedly recruited Segretti to work against the Democrats.

Another of Hunt's and Liddy's associates in the Watergate
break-in was James W. McCord. He also came on the scene in
September 1971 and was hired as head of security for the Nixon
re-election committee.

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