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Ehrlichman testified that the letter "E" and the handwriting beneath
it were his (6 Hearings 2546)

Although Ehrlichman testified that his understanding of
a "covert operation" did not include a break-in, (6 Hearings 2547),
the context of the memorandum which called for such an operation
to obtain medical files still held by Ellsberg's psychoanalyst,
leave little room to doubt that a break-in or surrepticious entry was
under consideration. There was clearly no evidence to support a
contention that Dr. Fielding had entered into a secret arrangement
voluntarily to provide Hunt and Liddy with Ellsberg's medical files.
The documentary evidence also tends to show that Ehrlichman was
aware that Hunt and Liddy were in charge of the operation to obtain
Ellsberg's medical files from his psychoanalyst. In a memorandum
dated August 26, 1971, from David Young to John Ehrlichman,
relating to the demeaning of Ellsberg's image by feeding selected
information to a Congressional investigation, a footnote makes
the following point:
"In connection with issue (9), it is important
to point out that with the recent article on
Ellsberg's lawyer, Boudin, we have already
started on a negative press image for Ellsberg.
If the present Hunt/Liddy Project # 1 is successful,
it will be absolutely essential to have an
overall game plan developed for its use in
conjunction with the Congressional investigation.
In this connection, I believe that the point of
Buchanan's memorandum on attacking Ellsberg
through the press should be borne in mind; namely,
that the situation being attacked is too big to
be undermined by planted leaks among the friendly

"If there is to be any damaging of Ellsber's
image and those associated with him, it will
therefore be necessary to fold in the press
planting with the Congressional investigation.
I mentioned these points to Colson earlier this

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