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Caulfield (2 Hearings 786) Magruder had been organizing a
special re-election campaign effort since May 1971, when he had
received this assignment from Mitchell and Haldeman (2 Hearings 784)
Caulfield, a White House investigator who had conducted numerous
political investigations, some with Tony Ulasewicz (6 Hearings 2268),
wanted to sell Magruder his political intelligence plan, "Project
Sandwedge," for use by the Committee to Re-elect the President.
(2 Hearings 786) In essence, Sandwedge was to be a private
corporation operating like a Republican "Inter-Tel"*/ for the President's
re-election campaign. (3 Hearings 924) In addition to normal
investigative activities, Sandwedge also included the use of "black bag"
and other cover intelligence-gathering capabilities. (3 Hearings

Project Sandwedge had been proposed to the White House by Caulfield
in the spring of 1971 (3 Hearings 924) and had not been favorably
received by Mitchell or Ehrlichman. (3 Hearings 925) Mitchell also did
not approve its use for the Committee to Re-elect the President (4
Hearings 1605) and Magruder was not pressured to accept the plan
after the lunch meeting Magruder had with Caulfield and Dean. (2
Hearings 786)

The Hiring of G. Gordon Liddy by the Campaign Committee

With Sandwedge rejected, Dean thought that Magruder was
stressing the need for a lawyer to serve as General Counsel for the
Committee to Re-elect the President who could also direct an

*/ Inter-Tel is a private international detective agency.

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