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Gary Hanman of Mid Am and ADEPT also reported in April of

Had it not been for the ADEPT program and similar programs
such as TAPE and SPACE, the recent farm price support increase
could not have been obtained. 243

Hanman was later questioned about the meaning of this remark:

Q. [Did you mean by this remark that] without the ability
to make political contributions you would not be heard?

A. In as short a time as we had at that time.

Q. So you felt that the TAPE, SPACE and ADEPT contributions
made a difference?

A. Yes. 244

By the end of August of 1971, TAPE, SPACE and ADEPT had contributed
$255,000 to the President's campaign. Over Labor Day weekend, Nixon flew
to Chicago to address more than 40,000 dairy farmers and their families at
the AMPI convention. The President told his audience:

You have pioneered in developing a total marketing concept
which, I think, many other producers would do well to consider.
And all of this you have done on your own, neither
whimpering helplessly about uncontrollable economic forces
nor waiting passively for government to bail you out. 245

Political campaign contributions are an important part of the "total marketing
concept." 246 And at that same meeting Harold Nelson handed Marion Harrison
the $5,000 check that financed the break-in at Ellsberg's psychiatrist's
office (pp. 28-33).

243 Letter to Dean Kloock, April 26, 1971, Exh. G to Hanman deposition.

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246 Deposition of Ben F. Morgan, Executive Director of Dairymen, Inc., at 20.

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