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4. Taking the testimony of a witness, the Committee
will endeavor to do two things: First, to minimize
inconvenience to the witness and disruption of his affairs;
and, second, to afford the witness a fair opportunity
to give his testimony without undue interruption. To achieve
the first of these objectives, the Committee will honor
the request of the witness to the extent feasible for advance
notice of the time and place appointed for taking his
testimony, complete the taking of his testimony with as much
dispatch as circumstances permit, and release the witness from
further attendance on the Committee as soon as circumstances
allow, subject, however, to the power of the Committee to
recall him for further testimony in the event the Committee deems
such action advisable. To afford the witness a fair opportunity
to present his testimony, the Committee will permit the witness
to make an opening statement not exceeding 20 minutes, which
shall not be interrupted by questioning, and a closing
statement summarizing his testimony, not exceeding 5 minutes,
which will not be interrupted by questioning: Provided,
however, questions suggested by the closing statement may be
propounded after such statement is made.

5. The committee respects and recognizes the right of
a prospective witness who is interviewed by the staff of the
Committee in advance of a public hearing as well as the
right of a witness who appears before the Committee to be

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