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accompanied by a lawyer of his own choosing to advise him
concerning his constitutional and legal rights as witness.

6. If the lawyer who accompanies a witness before
the Committee advises the witness to claim a privilege
against giving any testimony sought by the Committee, the
Committee shall have the discretionary power to permit the
lawyer to present his views on the matter for the information
of the Committee, and the Committee shall thereupon rule on
the validity of the claim or its application to the
particular circumstances involved and require the witness
to give the testimony sought in the event its ruling on the
claim is adverse to the witness. Neither the witness nor
any other officer or person shall be permitted to claim a
privilege against the witness testifying prior to the
appearance of the witness before the Committee, and the
Committee shall not rule in respect to the claim until the
question by which the testimony is sought is put to the witness.

7. The Committee believes that it may be necessary for it
to obtain the testimony of some White House aides if the
Committee is to be able to ascertain the complete truth in
respect to the matters it is authorized to investigate by S.Res.
60. To this end, the Committee will invite such White House
aides as it has reason to believe have knowledge or information
relevant to the matters it is authorized to investigate to
appear before the Committee and give testimony on oath or
affirmation in open hearing respecting such matters. In

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