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this connection, the Committee will extend to such aides
the consideration set forth in detail in guidelines No. 4,
and the right to cousel set forth in detail in guidelines
Nos. 5 and 6. In addition to these considerations and
rights, the Commettee will permit the White House to have
its own counsel present when any White House aide appears
before the Committee as a witness, and permit such counsel
to invoke any claim that a privilege available to the President
forbids a White House aide to give the testimony sought by
the Committee, and the Committee shall thereupon rule on
validity of such claim or its application to the particular
testimony sought in the manner and with the effect set
forth in guideline No. 6 in respect to a claim of privilege
invoked by a witness or his counsel. The Committee will not
subpoena a White House aide to appear before it or its staff
unless such aide fails to make timely response to an invitation
to appear.

8. The Committee may require the Sergeant at Arms of
the Senate, or any of his assistants or deputies, or any
available law enforcement officer to eject from a meeting of
the Committee any person who willfully disrupts the meeting
or willfully impedes the Committee in the performance of its
functions under S. Res. 60.

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