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The ill effects, at home and abroad, of the slanders and hearsay reports
carried it on the front pages of the daily newspapers and on the networks.

The use of Mr. Dean would be ideal in any attempts, to tie the President
to the Watergate mess, since he would feel a natural urge to get even with
the President for firing him and at the same time the Senate committee has
already granted him immunity from prosecution for such criminal acts as he
may have personally committed and as to which he gives testimony.

This personal conflict between the President and his former employee
should not sidetrack our interest in the real issue involved. The same
crowd that is now after the President fought him continuously and opposed
his efforts to bring peace with honor to the United States and to South
Vietnam, the country our government has undertaken to protect against
Communism. Their campaign is being waged without regard to the more
significant aspects of the Watergate incident.

This campaign, in effect:

(a) Seeks to destroy the president, who was brought home more than
500,000 American soldiers from the war which I've been wished upon
him by his predecessor. Just here I would suggest that you ask
the men came back and they're grateful families what they think of
President Nixon.

(b) It has caused the price of gold to jump to $128 an ounce,
and bring about pressure in foreign countries for another
devaluation of the American dollar.

(c) It could afford untold embarrassment to the President in
negotiating further with the Japanese, Chinese and Soviet leaders
soon to visit the President in Washington for conversations
looking to a better understanding and for promotion of trade
relations between the four countries.

I ask you to make no mistake about it and be warned that this Watergate
agitation is not for the good of the country but to enable politicians to
gain a political advantage without regard to its effect on the future of
this country.

Punishing a bunch of hoodlums for breaking into the Watergate may have
been there announced objective of Mr. Nixon's enemies, and may in fact bring
about their deserved punishment, but the results of such a campaign are
bound to prove Indian medical to our country, its future, and its standing among
the nations of the world don't let anybody tell you this is not true.

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