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have a meeting to decide which they wanted to adopt and which
they want to pass.

Mr. Dash then brought up the matter on the agenda that Mr. Frates
wants the committee to vote on his motion to quash and Mr. Chester
Davis wants to testify in open session. Senator Ervin stated that Mr.
Davis would like to have Mr. Wente in open session and Senator
Talmadge rejected that very promptly. Senator Ervin stated that
the motion is to refuse the request of Chester Davis that Mr. Wente
testify in open hearing and that his testimoney be given in executive

THE VOTE WAS UNANIMOUS ( 6 Senators present)

Senator Ervin then stated Mr. Frates had a two-pronged request:
to quash the subpoena and to put an end to further hearings... Mr. Dash
injected that the investigation is on the basis of Frates petition. He
made an agreement to negotiate and the law suit will most likely end
up being moot because at the end of next week the investigation is no
more. He said he would recommend to the committee Mr. Frates
motion be denied.

Senator Ervin said that Terry had the basis for more
information which he was still pursuing and which the committee
desired to have. Senator Weicker then requested that the record

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