04850_0104: Letters, 12-29 June 1846



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Col R C Ballard For Karnac Plantation

To Nalle & Cox

To Cash paid for
5 bbls Molasses 208 19 189 bs @23 43.47
2 ps brown Mosquito Netting 206 yds @10 20.60
1 Grass Scythe blade 1.25
1 Guns domestic Medicine 2.50
Drayage to Steamer Charlotte .79
E E New Orleans June 12th 1846 $68.57
We wrote you this morning advising that we had taken passage for you on the Steamer Empire which boat will be at Warrenton on Sunday night between 7 & 10 Oclock. The Sultana does not go up again.

We now hand you bill of articles for Karnac shipped this day per Steamer Charlotte which boat takes this up We could not procure a single copy of Ewells Medical Companion in the City and have sent Guns domestic Medicine in its place. Write us whether you will go on the Empire or not in order that we may secure your passage on another boat. The Uncle Sam goes up on the same day with the Empire but she is full.

Wishing you a safe and pleasant trip. We are very truly yours Nalle & Cox

To Col R C Ballard Warrenton

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Col. R.C. Ballard Care S.S. Green & Co Warrenton

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hte negroes ar all well at this time an doing ver well we have had a great deal of rane hear an sevel storms but none to do much in yours on this plasee I have nothn more to write you ot imrpotance at this time Yours Resy James Brummel [B?]

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Magnolia June 19th 1846

D This will inform you that I am well and the negroes also except Jim bigums the water caryer has bin in for the last 4 days with the fever but is on the mend and caroline burkett has bin in all the week with the diareah but might be termed the bludy flux for some of her stools was nothing but blud she is on the mend I think she will be able to work monday the crop looks tolerable well their is cotton blooms a plenty the first I saw was on monday morning Mr. Jett came on wednesday morning and taken your buggy and he thinks he has a bargin he thinks it is worth $200 dollars we have had fair wether until to day it rained verry hard at 1 oclock and rained of and on until night and still raining the land is very wet I have about 10 acres of midles to break out yet but would have finish this evening if it had not rained I have plowed out about 100 acres of my cotton intirly excepting the town fields I think I am out of danger of the grass if it only will stay fair one week I will be intirly clean my cotton is from half leg to nee high and looks well the corn looks verry well the sorrel mare they call dolly died last night and what was the caus I dont know she et harty at night and was found dead this morning in the lot the rest of

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