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[begin strike through text] Rescue Gr ofs to be had of the Td of the s
South priso $5 for peak (Soma & E
Columbus Ga 117 9020\
25 Sept. Sent $3 to Mr Townes Clarks
for Bowers Wheat a a white care
Got 2 [Beer?] 10 ct [end strike through text]
20 sour 1861 sent to e [??] w/ 4 goat sk
to [taw?] for half [??]

12 Dec 1861 Sent to Mr Brown 4
Beef hides (Dry) [illegible vertical text over horizontal text] 90 [??]
tan for half Frank for [??]
sent 9 hides [??] 117 [??]

11 March 1862 Sent to Mr McKo
10 miles this side of Jonesville [??]
2 steer hides weight when green
72 & 68 [??] 140 [??] in all green and
10 Goat skins to tan for half
one of the skins counted a Goat was a small calf
[vertical text through above section] infull

16 April 1862 Eph Gaither sent for m
to I. D. [illegible] of mocksville 1 large bul
hide supposed to weigh 100 [??] to tan
[vertical text through above section] Received

22 April 1862 sent to E D Lowry
Steer hide weighitng when green 73
to fan for half

20 May 1862 sent to E D Lowry [illegible]
hide supposed to weigh 90 [??] to tan

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