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Thursday the
28 July 1853

Mowed until noon & stoped we got
done cutting the meadow at the shop & went into
Dr Wisemans meadow to cut 5 acres for one half
too cloudy in the forenoon to cut hay choped
in Turnip patch south of meadow in the
afternoon we raked up the hay we cut
in the morning & cocked some it
no rain

Friday the
29 July

It rained soon in the morning
and at noon there was a good
rain our ground is we enough now
we worked in Turnip patch to day when
it was not raining shelled corn when it
was raining

the 30 July

quite cloudy & some rain to day
worked in our Turnip pach to
day Hay all wet in the meadow &
spoiling for the want of sun shine

the 1 August

Mowed & Dried out wet hay and
halled in Two Load to noon when there
came a shower of rain & wet all the hay we
had down say 8 waggon loads we then mowed
until night we salt our hay as we put it
in the mow 1/2 peck of sat to the 4 horse waggon
Load more than half the hay we have made
has been injured by rain

Thursday the
2nd August

Cloudy before noon & Rained
in the Evening a good shower
of rain worked in Turnip patch
before noon & then raked hay in Dr
Wisemans meadow halled in two loads
of hay before the rain

the 3 Aug

Cloudy in the morning so we could not work
at the hay but by noon the sun shined out & we
halled 2 loads of hay we had 12 loads of hay
in the shop meadow
We commenced Breaking fallow Land for
wheat this morning in cherry orchard
with 2 Turn plows

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