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Friday the
12 August

Plowed with 2 plows to day & worked
out our Garden the ground is too dry to
plow good & we have to stop until it rains

the 13 July

Sowed the Potatoe patch back of warehouse
in Turnip seed finished working our garden
hoed out our late planted sweet potatoes & sent to
Clouse mill with wheat & sheeks mill will
corn halled down some peaches from
James town to feed our hogs on
too Dry to plow

Monday the
15 Aug

Built hog pen 21 ft long & 14 wide to day and
halled one load of rails from Germany

16 Aug

Put up 31 pigs to make our pork for next year
they were [piged?] the 10 Dec last and are small
but we have no other hogs to make our pork
except 8 we have had in the pen since last Feby
they are tolerable good
We commenced clearing up some meadow next
to Dr Wisemans to day a light shower of rain

the 17 Aug

It rained good shower last night
& we went to plowing this morning
in the field East of the meadow on the mud road
turning oats stubble for wheat we run 2 turn
plows & follow them in the same furrow with
2 subsoil plows one after each turn plow
with 2 mules to each Subsoil plow
The ground is rather dry to do good plowing

The 18 Aug

Plowed all day as we did yesterday
Foster has been sick since yesterday
morning but commenced work today at

19 Aug

Plowed all day ground rather
hard to do good work

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