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the 30 March

CORN south of the meadow
Below Blacksmith Shop it has
Been verry cold for Three days nearly all
the fruit is killed & the wheat looks
yellow like it might be injured by the
frost there was plent of Ice half an inch

31 March

Finished planting corn in the [??]
it rained some last night and it
is some warmer but rather cool yet for the
season commenced planting corn in the
cassel plantation to day and putting manure
in the hills but rained in the evening and
we stoped

the 3rd April

Verry cold this morning Ground
Froze hard Thermometer at 23 deg
see the Buds Fruit & vegetation killed and
wheat & oats injured badly
We plowed to day i nthe corner of the
Cassel Field breaking up some poor land
to plant oregon peas on & for the
negroes some corn patches
The Gray mare Foaled a mare more mule
colt to day it is rather small but
limbs look strong new goods in

8th April

The weather moderated on Wensday
and we planted corn at the cassel
place and finished yesterday planting at the
cassel place we manured about 8 Acres in the hill
with manure from the cassel Barn and some
rotten Tan Bark from the Tan yare in All
about 50 waggon loads we commenced
listing in the field by BlkSmith Shop to day
we also plowed over the premium Acre today
with Two mules to a scater plow
weather quite warm

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