Status: Complete

of manure we plowed & harrowed it four times
before planting we Broke it up 8 in Deep & subsoiled
it 8 in more I expect to make 165 Bu of
corn if I do not I quit trying for premiums
on corn

Teusday the
25 April

Finished planting our corn crop
to day but I fear the rains of last
week has baked the ground so hard that
it cannot come up we are putting
manure on the Hills

27 April

Finished Halling manure on our
corn hill had nearly enough to
manure all of the pump field in the
hill Sent 17 head of Dry cattle to the
Pastures in Germany the grass is tolerable
good down there on the hood pasture the
Etcheson pasture is verry bare yet
In the after noon we had a Severe STORM
of wind & Rain from the South West it Blowed
a great deal of fence and trees it will take
one day to put our fences up again it did
rain verry much but was the hardes wind
I have ever seen Blow

Monday the
1st May

Verry cold this morning a Large Frost
killed nearly all the corn that had come
up Beans Potatoes & the leaves on the
Tenderest trees Ther at 31 Degs
We replanted corn in the morning and then
commenced breaking out middles at the Cassel
place and planting peas in the middle of the row
we put 12 or 14 peas in a place

Saturday the
6 May

Sheared our Sheep yesterday & to day
we have 52 old sheep & 17 Lambs 69 in all
we got 120 lbs wool off of the 52 old sheep
Too Dry to plow we are replanting corn it comes
up verry bad General Muster yesterday at Mocksville

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