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Thursday the 14 Septr 1854 It Rained a great deal last night & until 9 oclock this morning made our ground too wet to plow we calered up wheat until it quit raining we then went to mowing in Dr Wisemans meadow he gives us all to cut it and the grass in some parts of the meadow is tolerable good for a second crop I think we will get 12 Loads or more off of it there is 9 or 10 Acres more rain to day too we to plow

Friday the 15 Septr

mowed all day in the wiseman meadow with 4 hands rained again to day too wet to make hay or plow I neglected to say that on last wenday I sowed a peck of Rescue Grss seed I got it from Columbus Ga it cost $6.00 for the peck ( sowed it on 1/4 of an acre by the corn crib in Drills 16 in a part with and manure it is said to be a winter Grass & makes fine pasture from soon until April we will see

Satruday the 16th Septr 1854 mowed & raked hay hay too wet to haul

Monday the 18 Septr 1854

run 3 Turn plows mowed a while in the morning & halld 6 Loads hay

Teusday 19 Septr 1854 Run 3 Turn plows Finished mowing in Dr Wisemans meadow [lined off text on left] 6 Loads hay & halled 6 Loads hay & stacked it in the lower end of the meadow cool weather

Wensday the 20 Septr 1854 run three turn plows (2 Loads hay) & halled 2 Loads hay cut down our premium Lot of corn from fodder it was so srry from the Dry weather I did not want to meassure it we have Been feeding it to our hogs for sometime

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Thursday the 21 Septr 1854 run 2 Turn plows in the 55 Acre field and one in the premium corn lot Turning it over to sow in wheat I failed to make a premium crop of corn from the dry weather cut the corn off & intend sowing it for a premium crop of wheat quite cool & cloudy for 2 days past

Friday the 22 Septr 1854 Halled in & stacked 2 Loads hay Sowed Two Bu wheat on our premium corn Lot & finished Breaking up fallow ground for wheat We made this year in all 96 Loads of Hay worth say $2- Load

Saturday the 23 Septr 1854 Commenced Sowing Wheat in the 55 Acre field we are running 2 harrows harrowing in the west end of the field we sow the wheat & harrow it in without plowing it leaves the ground in good condition & seems to put the wheat in the ground tolerable well

Saturday the 30 Septr 1854 Been sowing wheat all this week except today we stoped to help [??] move a house fair & warm all the week

Saturday 6 Octr 1854 Been sowing wheat & halling Brick & pulling corn in the cassel field we commenced on monday the 1 Octr & pulled in the afternoon & halled it was too wet in the morning on the 5 & 6 we had a slight frost but not enough to kill any thing our corn in the cassel field is verry sorry I think we make not more than 350 Bu on 35 Acres it was too Dry we have a first chance of peas in the field

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Tuesday the 9th Octr 1854 cleared the cassel field of corn & Turn in Hogs Finished sowing WHEAT

Saturday the 13 Octr 1854 Been haling sand & shucking corn

Wensday the 18th Octr 1854 had a Killing FROST this morning the first we have had to Kill shucking corn & halling Brick & Lumber for House

Wensday the 25th Octr 1854 Been Halling Brick Sand & Lumber for house and doing but Little on Farm verry Dry no Rain for 3 weeks

Monday the 4 Dec 1854 Been doing nothing but wait on the workmen beulding house for the last two months got the Brick work done Saturday To day we killed 7 hogs weighing 1700 lbs quite cold to day

Wensday the 13th Dec 1854 Killed Hogs we killed 29 hogs to day weighing 4168 lbs Average 144lbs they were 18 mo & 2 years old we still have 16 in the pen they have been up about 6 weeks & fattened fast they Eat up nearly half the corn we made we did not make more than 1000 Bu corn & have not got all that shuck yet owing to our building cold this morning Ther at 19 Deg but turned a good deal warmer with a south wind

Friday & Saturday the 22nd & 23 Dec 1854

Halled Ice both days filled our house with the best of Ice 4 in thick from Dr Wilhans mill pond on monday night it snowed one inch Deep cold weather verry Dry

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1st January 1855 Kiled 16 Hogs weight 2440 lbs making 8316 lbs pork killed this season (53 hogs) I commence the grass work with 5 hands on the farm Daniel Jack & George my own hands and Henderson Foster hired at $150 a year he boarding himself & Jo a negro boy 17 years old belongings Albert mesby hired at $75 00 & clothed Newman & Anda in the Blk Smith Shop Our new House is not finished and it will take a good deal of our time to attend to the workmen hall Lumber & the day is verry fine & rather warmf or killing hogs although it was quite cold & frosty this morning produce is selling high corn 70 cts wheat 125 Bu pork 6 cts flour $8.00 in Salisbury

Wednesday the 11 April 1855

We have been doing but little all the winter but get fire wood & wait on our carpenters & masons who are building our house & Blks Smith Shop to day we planted 1/2 an Acre of Irish potatoes in aps of new Ground by Tatems potatoes are scarce and sell for $2 Bushel we cut them to plant and put 6 Bu seed on the 1/2 acre The spring has been verry backward and cold the peach Blooms are now just full blown and but little signs of Buds on the Trees no grass for the cows & sheep to eat our sheep & cows are poor & have nearly eat up the 98 Loads of Hay we made last summer we winterd 5 horses 7 mules 43 head of cattle 60 sheep we lost about 20 of our sheep for the want of fodder or pea vines to feed them on. quite cold to day we are nearly ready to plant corn but it is too cold

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1855 Wednesday 12 April Commenced planting corn to day in the corner by Tatems but it is quite cold to plant corn plenty of frost this morning

Saturday 14 April

We planted the old orchard in corn & put manure on the Hills of a part of it we are now listing the field East of the meadow not quite done to night

Monday the 16 April 1855 Commenced planting corn in the field East of the meadow run Two waggons putting manure in the Hills

Teusday the 17 April 1855 planted corn & Halled manure as yesterday I sold a Two year old mule to John W Baity for $85 00 and a four years old mule (Shelton) to Mr Houston for $85 6 mo credit warm to day

Wednesday 18th April 1855 put manure on the corn Hills to day with all hands Verry warm to day Ther at 100 Deg verry Dry also past warm Heat hot hoter 100 Deg in the shade

Thursday the 19th April 1855

Planted corn & halled manure & put on the hills to day it is verry Heat & Dry the Thermometar stood at 101 in the shade Heat! Heat!! Heat!!! by refering to the 19th of April in 1854 I see it was quite cold ground groze & icicles hanging to the Eves of the House Ther at 59 quite a difference in the Two years on the 19th Apl

1st June 1853

Had a verry Hard Rain wet the ground thoroughly blowed our wheat down & damaged it verry much washed our ground & done a great deal of damage we had just got through our corn the 2nd time

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