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To help Dr Wiseman thrash wheat and have 3 hands in the Turnip patch 2 halling off wood rails & the leaves are so wet we can't burn them so we hall them out on the field one hand is plowing up the patch it takes a great deal of work to clear off a turnip patch when we cant burn it for the wet weather

Tuesday the 9th Aug 1853

Sent two hands to help Dr Wiseman thrash wheat until 9 oclock. Plowed our turnip patch with 3 plows Henry & Henderson Fosters went to the circus show at Hunts ville the shows are a nuissance to the country they pass through I sold Johnson a sow & 7 small pigs for $4.00 clearn & warm to day

Wednesday the 10 Aug

Commenced mowing in the cassel meadow to finish that we left uncut we mowed with 3 hands To day we plowed with two farm plows in the meadow below shope we turned over about an acre and a half and harrowed it SOWED TURNIP SEED in the patch of new ground on the hill that we have been so long clearing of we plowed it twice & Henry Foster sowed the seed & Brushed it there is something over an acre in that patch

Thursday the 11 August 1853

Finished mowing the cassel meadow & halled in the hay we had 9 loads of hay on the meadow harrowed the meadow we planted yesterday and sowed turnip & grass seed on it plowed with two plows in cherry orchard turning oats stubble for wehat verry warm to day but we have plenty of ice to cool our drinking water & plenty of good ripe peaches apples grapes & tomatos to luxuriate upon and all in good health no sickness in the neighborhood

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Friday the 12 August 1853

Plowed with 2 plows to day & worked out our Garden the ground is too dry to plow good & we have to stop until it rains

Saturday the 13 July

Sowed the Potatoe patch back of warehouse in Turnip seed finished working our garden hoed out our late planted sweet potatoes & sent to Clouse mill with wheat & sheeks mill will corn halled down some peaches from James town to feed our hogs on too Dry to plow

Monday the 15 Aug

Built hog pen 21 ft long & 14 wide to day and halled one load of rails from Germany

Tuesday 16 Aug

Put up 31 pigs to make our pork for next year they were [piged?] the 10 Dec last and are small but we have no other hogs to make our pork except 8 we have had in the pen since last Feby they are tolerable good We commenced clearing up some meadow next to Dr Wisemans to day a light shower of rain

Wednesday the 17 Aug

It rained good shower last night & we went to plowing this morning in the field East of the meadow on the mud road turning oats stubble for wheat we run 2 turn plows & follow them in the same furrow with 2 subsoil plows one after each turn plow with 2 mules to each Subsoil plow The ground is rather dry to do good plowing

Thursday The 18 Aug

Plowed all day as we did yesterday Foster has been sick since yesterday morning but commenced work today at noon

Friday 19 Aug

Plowed all day ground rather hard to do good work

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Saturday the 20th August 1853

Plowed with 4 plows all day I start to the north on Monday morning to good expect to be gone three weeks Henry Foster time is out to day he has been at work with me since the first day of March last at $7.00 month he is a good hand to work and has been verry study at work

Monday the 12th Sept 1853

Returned from the North on Saturday last & found all right it rained a great deal on the 9th of Sept & for several days it continued to wet to plow I tried but little land broke for wheat yet owing to its too dry unti the 9 Sept & then too wet The hands have been clearing up the lower end of the meadow next to Wisemans Hall rails from germany and cutting dead timber int he creek bottom We commenced pulling fodder to day the ground is too wet to plow George & Anda are sick with the ague but not bad

Tuesday 13 Septr

Plowed with 2 plows turning oats stubble for wheat the bad cancer of the hands pulled fodder we started subsoiling have not hands enough to do our work & subsoil our ground

Wednesday 14 Septr

Plowed as yesterday and commenced sowing in meadow along mud road the second time this yhear the grass is short but will hay better than pulling fodder Anda has the ague

Thursday 15 plowed & mowed

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Friday the 16 Septr 1853

Run Two plows & two hands mowed Bad weather to make Hay it is cloudy

Saturday 17 Septr

Plowed & mowed until dinner then halled 4 loeads Hay

Monday the 19 Septr

Run 2 plows & halled manure on the cherry orchard I am manuring one Acre to sow in Troy wheat to take the [??] in our Agriculture Society I hired Sam Wishon this morning to work half a month at 25 cts a day it rained at night & made the ground too wet to plow

Thursday the 20th Septr

It rained too much last night to plow & we all mowed in the mud road meadow all day cool weather now fire feels pleasant evening & mornings

Wednesay 21 Septr

Rained too much to plow and all hands mowed to day

Thursday 22 Septr 1853

Rained again last night & wet our hay we mowed again until 10 oclock it then rained & we cleaned up wheat

Friday 23 Septr

Clear this morning we mowed until the hay dried & then put out & dried the hay & halled in 6 loads in the afternoon we had 11 loads of hay on the Big meadow this mowing

Saturday 24 Septr

Mowed in the morning until hay dried then rakes & put up hay in meadow below Shop halled in one load Dan harrowed in the field on mud road east of meadow where we are going to sow wheat

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Monday the 26 Septr

Turned fallow ground in old orchard with 2 plows halled manure until noon then halled three loads hay from meadow at Shop

Tuesday 27 Sept

Halled manure on one acre in cherry orchard where I intend sowing wheat I put 25 waggon loads on one Acre to take the premium in wheat

Wednesday 28th Sept

Run 4 plows sowing wheat in cherry orchard it being the first WHEAT WE SOWED we are sowing the cherry orchard in Troy wheat 1 1/2 Bu to the Acre not done turning fallow for wheat yet we keck one turn plow at that

Thursday 29 Septr

Sowed wheat with 4 plows & one turning fallow in the Roberts orchard to

Friday the 30th Sept

Finished sowing wheat in cherry orcahrd in which I sowed one acre tot ake the premium in our Agricultural Society I broke up the ground in Aug & let it lay until 25 Septr Then halled 25 waggon loads & spread over it then plowed it in & harrowed it then sowed the wheat to day & harrowed it again sowed 2 Bu of Troy when on it Also the field is down in Troy Wheat 1 1/2 Bu to the Acre There was Frost this morning for the first time this fall but not enough to kill anything Our plough still turning fallow and one hand mowing the gass lot

Saturday 1 Octr

Commenced Sowing Mediteranian Wheat Eas of Big Meadow along the mud road run three plows & one harrow we sow a little over one Bu to the acre we soak our wheat in Blue stove

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