Farm Journal, 1853–1866




Monday 3 Octr 1853

Mowed our cloves lot & orchard grass lot the orchard grass is the prettiest grass I ever saw for the second crop it is 8 to 12 in hight & as thick as it can stand on the ground but our Buck wheat to dry we had to mow it it had fell down George has the Ague & not able to work

Tuesday 4 Oct

Sowed wheat with 4 plows all day George still sick slight frost

Wednesday 5 Oct

Run 5 plow sowing wheat George well enough to plow slight frost not enough to kill

Thursday 6 Oct

Sowed wheat with 5 plows

Friday 7 Oct

Run 4 plows sowing wheat & hand harrowing we harrow the ground before sowing the wehat then sow the wheat & plow it in with scuters & then harrow it again

Saturday the 8 Oct

Sowed wheat all day with 4 plows & then the harrow

Monday the 10 Oct 1853

Run 4 plows sowing wheat Foster sick to day & not able to work

Tuesday the 11 Octr

Sowed wheat in old orchard all day with 5 plows

Wednesday 12 Oct

Finished sowing wheat we have sowed the fields East of the meadow in Mediteranean wheat 40 Acres in all and we sowed 42 of wheat on it

Thursday 10 Octr

Sent to mill & burnt Brush on the meadow next Dr Wisemans

Friday 14 Octr

Halled wood from around the cassel house & cut down the trees around the house I have going to plant the yard in corn (Foster is sick)

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Saturday the 15 Octr 1853

Put up 3 old sows and 2 barrow hogs to fatten the sow are poor just waned their pigs the barrows are in fair condition Killed a little beef and sent to mill & piddled about the Barn yard Run wehat through the fan to get the Black weevils out the Blk weevils has nearly ruined my old wheat and injured the new that was cleaned up verry much wehat should be left in the chaff until wanted for use I have left the most of mine in the chaff

Monday 11 Oct

Halled rails & wood from the cassel house pulled down old kitchen & shop and halled it up for fire wood halled up the Brick from the old Kitchen chimney to make us an ash house there was a slight frost yesterday morning killed the pea vines

Tuesday 18th Oct

COMMENCED PULLING CORN today with two hands & halled up two loads sent to mill to day General Muster at Mocksville

Wednesday the 19th Octr

Pulled & halled 4 loads corn Dan gone to clouse mille with having my old wehat ground up & sending the flour to Fayetteville getting 550 to 600 bbl The Black weevil has injured my old wheat so bad that it takes 7 Bu to make a bbl of flour I am having some put in Bags & selling here at 200 hundred pounds Foster still sick verry Dry weather our Early sown wheat is suffering verry much for the want of Rain no rain since the 22 Septr It is quite smoky & I think we have Indian Summer but it rather earlier than usual the weather is quite cold but no frost since Sunday the winds blow quite fresh & cool

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Thursday 20 Octr 1853

Halled 4 loads corn sent to clouse mill Foster still sick quite a cold north East wind and a litle rain in the after noon

Friday the 21st Oct

Rained a good season Shucked corn all day

Saturday 22nd Octr

Halled 2 loads corn & then shucked corn the balance of the day Foster still sick

Monday the 24th Octr

It commenced raining last night at 9 oclock & rained until 11 oclock and then commenced Snowing and Snowed for an hour quite fast but it melted as fast as it touched the ground Strange weather this a snow Storm before a killing Frost we have not had frost sufficient to kill the tendest of vegetation potatoe top are green yet In the afternoon it stoped Snowing & the wind blew quite cold Thermometer at 38 d We shucked & measured our premium Acre of Corn which I think will take the prize in our Agri - cultural fair the yield of the Acre was 99 Bu It was a lot in the 50 Acre field at the gate next to the Barn one half the lot was cow pened last Summer & last winter I fattened my hogs on it the other half was land without any manure I planted it 3 1/2 ft a part each way 3&4 stalks in the hill & put 2 Table Spoons full of Guanno to the hill before I planted it on 1/4 of of it only the other 1/4 I put a large Shovel full of Stable manure on the hill after it was planted the part that was cowpend had no manure or Guanno put on it the Acre also made more than a waggon load of pumpkins The corn was planted the last week in May & plowed but 3 times after planting but I plowed 3 times & [har?] harrowed 3 times before planting

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Tuesday 25th Octr 1853

Shucked corn all day a killing frost this morning the first we have this fall to kill vegetation

Wednesday 26

Shucked corn 27 negroes gathered their packes of corn

Thursday 27 Oct

Rained verry hard to day shucked corn & worked at Barn

Friday 28

Worked all day fixing ditches arund the Barn warm

Saturday 29 Oct

CHoped & Split wood & Rails in creek Bottom quite cool

Monday 31 Oct

Pulled & halled 6 loads corn quite a heavey frost this morning

Tuesday the 1st November

Pulled & halled 9 loads of corn frost again this morning (run 2 waggons

Wensday the 2 Novr

Pulled & halled 6 loads corn quite cloudy in the morning but cleared of at night & turned cool

Friday the 4 NOv

Pulled & halled 9 loads corn finished our 50 Acre feild which is all the corn we planted this year except the little stable orchard we had 49 four horse waggon loads of corn in the Huck & it shill out 25 Bu to the load or more I think we made 1300 Bu corn this year on 55 Acres of Land the season was not good as can be seen by [??] to the month of July & Aug

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Saturday 5 Nov 1853

Dug Sweet Potatoes and they are verry sorry except a few we planted out in the latter part of May we did not make more than 15 Bu in all the crop we had over a half an acre planted but too late to make potatoes they were set out the 12th July we sowed two little patches on the East of the [plantion?] in wheat to day it is too late to make wheat but intended that for wheat & we have sowed if it is too late We commenced Turning our corn land to day with a new prouty plow I had just got from Philadelphia that cost $15. we had not plowed more than 3 hours when Jack carelessly broke the beam & we stoped plowing weather verry fine

Monday the 7th Novr

Commenced Turning Corn ground at the Cassel place with one turn plow and one Subsoil plow after it Sowed Rye in the Negro patches with two plows Foster took the Ague today at 10-oclock & quit work all day

Teusday the 8th Novr

Turn 2 plows sowing Rye until noon & finished run one Tures plow & subsoil in fore noon & Two of each in the afternoon Turning corn land in the Cassel field Halled home some rent corn from the James Town lots got about 50 Bu corn Rent this year from that place Mr Houser & Elijah Foster cultivated it & Mr James lives in one of the houses the others are empty Foster had the ague today

Wensday the 9 Novr

Rained verry hard from 6 oclk this morning until 12 then cleared off with high cold winds We shucked corn all day Foster did not have the Ague to day Jack is complaining some this afternoon

[begin crossed out text] Wednesday [end crossed out text] 10 Novr Thursday

[begin crossed out text] shucked corn [end crossed out text] Made arrangements with all hands for the first Davie Co Ag fair which comes off to morrow Jack is sick

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